official records; grade (of goods); file; records; shelves; slot; gap; crosspiece; classifier for crosspieces; classifier for events, affairs etc; Taiwan pr.

(Tw) variant of 擋|挡, gear

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
存档 存檔 cun2 dang4
to file; to save a file (computer); saved data (for a video game etc)

搭档 搭檔 da1 dang4
to cooperate; partner

打档 打檔 da3 dang3
(Tw) to change gears

打档车 打檔車 da3 dang3 che1
(Tw) manual transmission motorcycle (usually denotes a traditional-style motorcycle, as opposed to a scooter)

大排档 大排檔 da4 pai2 dang4
food stall; open-air restaurant

大牌档 大牌檔 da4 pai2 dang4
food stall; open-air restaurant (originally Hong Kong usage, now usually written as 大排檔|大排档

档车 檔車 dang3 che1
see 打檔車|打档车

档案 檔案 dang4 an4
file; record; archive

档案传输协定 檔案傳輸協定 dang4 an4 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

档案分配区 檔案分配區 dang4 an4 fen1 pei4 qu1
file allocation table; FAT

档案服务 檔案服務 dang4 an4 fu2 wu4
file service

档案馆 檔案館 dang4 an4 guan3
archive library

档案建立 檔案建立 dang4 an4 jian4 li4
file creation

档案属性 檔案屬性 dang4 an4 shu3 xing4
file attribute

档案执行 檔案執行 dang4 an4 zhi2 xing2
file execution; executable file

档案转送 檔案轉送 dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4
file transfer

档案转送存取及管理 檔案轉送存取及管理 dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4 cun2 qu3 ji2 guan3 li3
File Transfer, Access and Management; FTAM

档案总管 檔案總管 dang4 an4 zong3 guan3
file manager (computing); (Windows) Explorer

档次 檔次 dang4 ci4
grade; class; quality; level

档口 檔口 dang4 kou3
stall; booth

档期 檔期 dang4 qi1
slot within a schedule; timeslot (for a TV program, a session with a photographer etc); range of dates in which an event is to be held (film screening, exhibition etc)

档子 檔子 dang4 zi5
classifier for affairs, events etc

低档 低檔 di1 dang4
low-grade; of low worth or rank; poor quality; inferior

敌档 敵檔 di2 dang4
rival productions (of the same opera in neighboring theaters)

垫档 墊檔 dian4 dang4
to fill a blank space; to fill a slot (in a newspaper column, a TV program etc)

调档 調檔 diao4 dang4
to transfer a dossier; to consult a dossier

断档 斷檔 duan4 dang4
sold out; to be out of stock

风档玻璃 風檔玻璃 feng1 dang4 bo1 li5
windscreen (car window)

高档 高檔 gao1 dang4
superior quality; high grade; top grade

高档服装 高檔服裝 gao1 dang4 fu2 zhuang1
haute couture; high fashion clothing

归档 歸檔 gui1 dang4
to file away; to place on file

黄金档 黃金檔 huang2 jin1 dang4
prime time

竞选搭档 競選搭檔 jing4 xuan3 da1 dang4
election partner; running mate

空档 空檔 kong4 dang4
gap (between two objects); interval of time (between events); opening in one's schedule; free time; (fig.) gap (in the market etc)

面档 麵檔 mian4 dang4
noodle stall or counter

拍档 拍檔 pai1 dang4

排档 排檔 pai2 dang4
stall (of market etc)

强档 強檔 qiang2 dang4
prime time

书档 書檔 shu1 dang4

摊档 攤檔 tan1 dang4
(dialect) vendor's stall

脱档 脫檔 tuo1 dang4
sold out; out of stock

文档 文檔 wen2 dang4
(computer) file

文档对象模型 文檔對象模型 wen2 dang4 dui4 xiang4 mo2 xing2
Document Object Model (DOM)

文字档 文字檔 wen2 zi4 dang4
text file

影像档 影像檔 ying3 xiang4 dang4
image file