bucket; (trash) can; barrel (of oil etc)

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
半桶水 半桶水 ban4 tong3 shui3
(coll.) (of one's skills, knowledge etc) limited; superficial; half-baked; sb with a smattering of knowledge (of sth); dabbler

便桶 便桶 bian4 tong3
chamber pot

冰桶 冰桶 bing1 tong3
ice bucket

抽水马桶 抽水馬桶 chou1 shui3 ma3 tong3
flush toilet

大桶 大桶 da4 tong3
barrel; vat

第一桶金 第一桶金 di4 yi1 tong3 jin1
the first pot of gold; the initial profits from an economic endeavour

饭桶 飯桶 fan4 tong3
rice tub (from which cooked rice or other food is served); (fig.) fathead; a good-for-nothing

箍桶 箍桶 gu1 tong3
hooped barrel; to handmake a wooden barrel

箍桶店 箍桶店 gu1 tong3 dian4

箍桶匠 箍桶匠 gu1 tong3 jiang4
cooper; hooper

垃圾桶 垃圾桶 la1 ji1 tong3
rubbish bin; trash can; garbage can; Taiwan pr.

马桶 馬桶 ma3 tong3
chamber pot; wooden pan used as toilet; toilet bowl

马桶拔 馬桶拔 ma3 tong3 ba2
plunger for unblocking toilet

木桶 木桶 mu4 tong3

喷桶 噴桶 pen1 tong3
watering can

水桶 水桶 shui3 tong3

桶孔 桶孔 tong3 kong3

桶口 桶口 tong3 kou3
bunghole; see 桶孔

桶里射鱼 桶裡射魚 tong3 li3 she4 yu2
to shoot fish in a barrel; to attempt sth too easy

洗涤桶 洗滌桶 xi3 di2 tong3