shuttle (textiles); to move back and fro

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
穿梭 穿梭 chuan1 suo1
to travel back and forth; to shuttle

卢梭 盧梭 lu2 suo1
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), Enlightenment philosopher

罗梭 羅梭 luo2 suo1
Roseau, capital of Dominica (Tw)

摩梭 摩梭 mo2 suo1
Mosuo ethnic group of Yunnan and Sichuan

摩梭族 摩梭族 mo2 suo1 zu2
Mosuo ethnic group of Yunnan and Sichuan

日月如梭 日月如梭 ri4 yue4 ru2 suo1
the sun and moon like a shuttle (idiom); How time flies!

肉毒梭状芽孢杆菌 肉毒梭狀芽孢桿菌 rou4 du2 suo1 zhuang4 ya2 bao1 gan3 jun1
Clostridium difficile (bacterium causing gut infection)

时空穿梭 時空穿梭 shi2 kong1 chuan1 suo1
time travel

岁月如梭 歲月如梭 sui4 yue4 ru2 suo1
time flies (idiom)

梭标 梭標 suo1 biao1
variant of 梭鏢|梭镖

梭镖 梭鏢 suo1 biao1

梭哈 梭哈 suo1 ha1
(poker) show hand (loanword); five-card stud

梭鱼 梭魚 suo1 yu2

梭子 梭子 suo1 zi5
shuttle (textile); cartridge clip; classifier for bullet clips and bursts of gunfire

梭子鱼 梭子魚 suo1 zi5 yu2

太空梭 太空梭 tai4 kong1 suo1
space shuttle