variant of 棋

variant of 棋

chess; chess-like game; a game of chess; chess piece

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
臭棋 臭棋 chou4 qi2
blunder (in chess)

国际棋联 國際棋聯 guo2 ji4 qi2 lian2
International Chess Federation

国际跳棋 國際跳棋 guo2 ji4 tiao4 qi2
checkers (Western board game)

国际象棋 國際象棋 guo2 ji4 xiang4 qi2

国棋 國棋 guo2 qi2
abbr. for 國際象棋|国际象棋, chess

和棋 和棋 he2 qi2
draw or tie in chess etc

悔棋 悔棋 hui3 qi2
to withdraw a move (chess)

将棋 將棋 jiang4 qi2
Japanese chess (shōgi)

井字棋 井字棋 jing3 zi4 qi2

举棋不定 舉棋不定 ju3 qi2 bu4 ding4
to hesitate over what move to make (idiom); to waver; to shilly-shally

军棋 軍棋 jun1 qi2
land battle chess

棋逢敌手 棋逢敵手 qi2 feng2 di2 shou3
see 棋逢對手|棋逢对手

棋逢对手 棋逢對手 qi2 feng2 dui4 shou3
to be evenly matched; to meet one's match

棋高一着 棋高一著 qi2 gao1 yi1 zhao1
to be a step ahead of the opponent (idiom); to outsmart one's opponent

棋格状 棋格狀 qi2 ge2 zhuang4
checkered pattern; chessboard

棋局 棋局 qi2 ju2
state of play in a game of chess; (old) chessboard

棋具 棋具 qi2 ju4
checkers (board and pieces for go 圍棋|围棋 or Chinese chess 象棋 etc)

棋盘 棋盤 qi2 pan2

棋谱 棋譜 qi2 pu3
kifu (record of a game of go or shogi)

棋赛 棋賽 qi2 sai4
chess game

棋手 棋手 qi2 shou3
chess player

棋王 棋王 qi2 wang2
chess champion

棋艺 棋藝 qi2 yi4
chess skill

棋子 棋子 qi2 zi3
chess piece

琴棋书画 琴棋書畫 qin2 qi2 shu1 hua4
the four arts (zither, Go, calligraphy, painting); the accomplishments of a well-educated person

双陆棋 雙陸棋 shuang1 lu4 qi2

死棋 死棋 si3 qi2
dead piece (in Chess); stupid move; hopeless case

跳棋 跳棋 tiao4 qi2
Chinese checkers

围棋 圍棋 wei2 qi2
the game of Go

五子棋 五子棋 wu3 zi3 qi2
five-in-a-row (game similar to tic-tac-toe); Japanese: gomoku; gobang

西洋棋 西洋棋 xi1 yang2 qi2

下棋 下棋 xia4 qi2
to play chess

象棋 象棋 xiang4 qi2
Chinese chess

象棋赛 象棋賽 xiang4 qi2 sai4
Chinese chess tournament

星罗棋布 星羅棋布 xing1 luo2 qi2 bu4
scattered about like stars in the sky or chess pieces on a board (idiom); spread all over the place

着棋 著棋 zhuo2 qi2
to play chess