trough; manger; groove; channel; (Tw) (computing) hard drive

strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
凹槽 凹槽 ao1 cao2
recess; notch; groove; fillister

槽车 槽車 cao2 che1
tanker (truck)

槽坊 槽坊 cao2 fang5
brewery; papermaking craft shop (in former times)

槽钢 槽鋼 cao2 gang1
steel groove; V-shaped steel bar

槽孔 槽孔 cao2 kong3
slot; groove; slotted hole

槽头 槽頭 cao2 tou2
feeding trough in stable

槽牙 槽牙 cao2 ya2
molar tooth

插槽 插槽 cha1 cao2

倒槽 倒槽 dao3 cao2
to die out (of livestock)

沟槽 溝槽 gou1 cao2
groove; furrow; trench

河槽 河槽 he2 cao2
river bed; channel

键槽 鍵槽 jian4 cao2
key slot

溜槽 溜槽 liu1 cao2
sluice; chute

马槽 馬槽 ma3 cao2

牛骥同槽 牛驥同槽 niu2 ji4 tong2 cao2
cow and famous steed at the same trough (idiom); fig. the common and the great are treated alike; also written 牛驥同皂|牛骥同皂

三马同槽 三馬同槽 san1 ma3 tong2 cao2
three horses at the same trough (idiom, alluding to Sima Yi 司馬懿|司马懿 and his two sons); conspirators under the same roof

食槽 食槽 shi2 cao2

水槽 水槽 shui3 cao2

水落归槽 水落歸槽 shui3 luo4 gui1 cao2
spilt water returns to the trough (idiom); fig. people remember where they belong

饲槽 飼槽 si4 cao2
feeding trough

跳槽 跳槽 tiao4 cao2
to change jobs; job-hopping

吐槽 吐槽 tu4 cao2
(slang) to roast; to ridicule; also pr.

洗涤槽 洗滌槽 xi3 di2 cao2
washing tank; sink

胸槽 胸槽 xiong1 cao2
cleavage (hollow between a woman's breasts)