strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
红樱枪 紅櫻槍 hong2 ying1 qiang1
ancient spear-like weapon, decorated with a red tassel

弃樱 棄櫻 qi4 ying1
abandoned baby

樱岛 櫻島 ying1 dao3
Sakurajima island, an active volcano in Kagoshima prefecture 鹿兒島縣|鹿儿岛县, Japan

樱花 櫻花 ying1 hua1
oriental cherry (Prunus serrulata or Prunus yedoensis), prized for its blossom; also known as sakura (Japanese) or Yoshino cherry

樱花草 櫻花草 ying1 hua1 cao3

樱花妹 櫻花妹 ying1 hua1 mei4
(coll.) Japanese girl

樱井 櫻井 ying1 jing3
Sakurai (Japanese surname and place name)

樱桃 櫻桃 ying1 tao2

樱桃萝卜 櫻桃蘿蔔 ying1 tao2 luo2 bo5
summer radish (the small red kind)

樱桃小番茄 櫻桃小番茄 ying1 tao2 xiao3 fan1 qie2
see 聖女果|圣女果

樱桃小口 櫻桃小口 ying1 tao2 xiao3 kou3
see 櫻桃小嘴|樱桃小嘴

樱桃小嘴 櫻桃小嘴 ying1 tao2 xiao3 zui3
lit. cherry mouth (idiom); fig. a delicate, ruby-lipped mouth

樱桃园 櫻桃園 ying1 tao2 yuan2
The Cherry Orchard, a play by Chekhov 契訶夫|契诃夫