sack; tube open at both ends; (onom.) footsteps

strokes 16
strokes after radical 12
持橐簪笔 持橐簪筆 chi2 tuo2 zan1 bi3
to serve as a counselor (idiom)

橐笔 橐筆 tuo2 bi3
to make one's living by writing

橐囊 橐囊 tuo2 nang2
sacks; bags

橐笥 橐笥 tuo2 si4
bag; satchel

橐橐 橐橐 tuo2 tuo2
(onom.) footsteps

橐驼 橐駝 tuo2 tuo2
camel; hunchback

橐龠 橐龠 tuo2 yue4
bellows for blowing up the fire in a furnace etc

橐中装 橐中裝 tuo2 zhong1 zhuang1
gems; jewels; valuables