palm tree

strokes 18
strokes after radical 15
锯棕榈 鋸棕櫚 ju4 zong1 lv2
saw palmetto (Serenoa repens, a small palm, an extract of whose fruit is used medicinally)

阴道棕榈状壁 陰道棕櫚狀壁 yin1 dao4 zong1 lv2 zhuang4 bi4
palmate folds of cervical canal; plicae palmatae canalis cervicis uteri

棕榈 棕櫚 zong1 lv2
palm tree

棕榈科 棕櫚科 zong1 lv2 ke1
Arecaceae or Palmae, the palm family

棕榈属 棕櫚屬 zong1 lv2 shu3
palm tree genus (Areca spp.)

棕榈树 棕櫚樹 zong1 lv2 shu4
palm tree

棕榈油 棕櫚油 zong1 lv2 you2
palm oil