comb; to comb; to weed out; to eliminate; Taiwan pr.

strokes 17
strokes after radical 15
栉水母 櫛水母 jie2 shui3 mu3
comb jellies (Ctenophora)

鳞次栉比 鱗次櫛比 lin2 ci4 zhi4 bi3
row upon row

沐雨栉风 沐雨櫛風 mu4 yu3 zhi4 feng1
to work unceasingly regardless of the weather (idiom)

栉比 櫛比 zhi4 bi3
lined up close (like teeth of a comb)

栉风沐雨 櫛風沐雨 zhi4 feng1 mu4 yu3
lit. to comb one's hair in the wind and wash it in the rain (idiom); fig. to work in the open regardless of the weather