firm and resolute; staunch

strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
陈毅 陳毅 chen2 yi4
Chen Yi (1901-1972), communist general and politician, Marshal of PLA from 1955, Mayor of Shanghai in 1950s, PRC foreign minister 1958-1972

范志毅 范志毅 fan4 zhi4 yi4
Fan Zhiyi (1969-), soccer player

方毅 方毅 fang1 yi4
Fang Yi (1916-1997), senior party apparatchik

刚毅 剛毅 gang1 yi4
resolute; steadfast; stalwart

刚毅木讷 剛毅木訥 gang1 yi4 mu4 ne4
resolute and taciturn (idiom)

坚毅 堅毅 jian1 yi4
firm and persistent; unswerving determination

刘毅 劉毅 liu2 yi4
Liu Yi (-285), famous incorruptible official of Western Jin dynasty the Western Jin dynasty 西晉|西晋 (265-316); Liu Yi (-412), general of Eastern Jin dynasty 東晉|东晋 (317-420)

柳毅传 柳毅傳 liu3 yi4 zhuan4
story of Liu Yi, Tang fantasy fiction by Li Chaowei 李朝威, popular with dramatist of subsequent dynasties

荣毅仁 榮毅仁 rong2 yi4 ren2
Rong Yiren (1916-2005), PRC Vice President from 1993-1998, played an important role in opening Chinese economy to Western investors

毅力 毅力 yi4 li4
perseverance; willpower

毅然 毅然 yi4 ran2
firmly; resolutely; without hesitation

毅然决然 毅然決然 yi4 ran2 jue2 ran2
without hesitation; resolutely; firmly

有毅力 有毅力 you3 yi4 li4
persevering; unwavering