glorious; bright; brilliant; lustrous; resplendent

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
灿烂 燦爛 can4 lan4
to glitter; brilliant; splendid

灿烂多彩 燦爛多彩 can4 lan4 duo1 cai3
multicolored splendor (of fireworks, bright lights etc)

灿若繁星 燦若繁星 can4 ruo4 fan2 xing1
bright as a multitude of stars (idiom); extremely able talent

灿笑 燦笑 can4 xiao4
to smile brightly

金灿灿 金燦燦 jin1 can4 can4
golden-bright and dazzling

绮灿 綺燦 qi3 can4
enchanting; gorgeous