to cook food

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
炊爨 炊爨 chui1 cuan4
to light a fire and cook a meal

炊具 炊具 chui1 ju4
cooking utensils; cookware; cooker

炊器 炊器 chui1 qi4
cooking vessels (archaeology)

炊事 炊事 chui1 shi4

炊事员 炊事員 chui1 shi4 yuan2
cook; kitchen worker

炊烟 炊煙 chui1 yan1
smoke from kitchen chimneys

炊帚 炊帚 chui1 zhou5
pot-scrubbing brush, made from bamboo strips

米已成炊 米已成炊 mi3 yi3 cheng2 chui1
lit. the rice has already been cooked (idiom); fig. what is done cannot be undone

巧妇难为无米之炊 巧婦難為無米之炊 qiao3 fu4 nan2 wei2 wu2 mi3 zhi1 chui1
The cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice (idiom); You won't get anywhere without equipment.

食玉炊桂 食玉炊桂 shi2 yu4 chui1 gui4
food is more precious than jade and firewood more expensive than cassia (idiom); the cost of living is very high