to bake; to heat by fire; to set off by contrast

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
臭烘烘 臭烘烘 chou4 hong1 hong1

冬烘 冬烘 dong1 hong1
shallow; uneducated

烘焙 烘焙 hong1 bei4
to cure by drying over a fire (tea, meat etc); to bake

烘焙店 烘焙店 hong1 bei4 dian4

烘衬 烘襯 hong1 chen4
to set off; to highlight by contrast

烘动 烘動 hong1 dong4
variant of 轟動|轰动

烘豆 烘豆 hong1 dou4
baked beans

烘干 烘乾 hong1 gan1
to dry over a stove

烘干机 烘乾機 hong1 gan1 ji1
clothes dryer

烘烤 烘烤 hong1 kao3
to roast; to bake

烘笼 烘籠 hong1 long2
bamboo drying frame

烘笼儿 烘籠兒 hong1 long2 er5
bamboo drying frame

烘炉 烘爐 hong1 lu2

烘染 烘染 hong1 ran3
relief shading (in a picture); fig. to throw into relief

烘手器 烘手器 hong1 shou3 qi4
hand dryer

烘托 烘托 hong1 tuo1
background (of a painting); backdrop; a foil (to set off something to advantage); to offset (something to advantage)

烘碗机 烘碗機 hong1 wan3 ji1
dish dryer

烘箱 烘箱 hong1 xiang1

烘云托月 烘雲托月 hong1 yun2 tuo1 yue4
lit. to shade in the clouds to offset the moon (idiom); fig. a foil; a contrasting character to a main hero

烘制 烘製 hong1 zhi4
to bake

暖烘烘 暖烘烘 nuan3 hong1 hong1
nice and warm; cosy; heartwarming