candle; (literary) to illuminate

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
秉烛 秉燭 bing3 zhu2
variant of 炳燭|炳烛

炳烛 炳燭 bing3 zhu2
by bright candlelight

倒吊蜡烛 倒吊蠟燭 dao4 diao4 la4 zhu2
Wrightia tinctoria (flowering plant in Apocynaceae family, common names dyer's oleander or pala indigo)

洞房花烛 洞房花燭 dong4 fang2 hua1 zhu2
bridal room and ornamented candles; wedding festivities (idiom)

洞房花烛夜 洞房花燭夜 dong4 fang2 hua1 zhu2 ye4
wedding night

风中之烛 風中之燭 feng1 zhong1 zhi1 zhu2
lit. candle in the wind (idiom); fig. (of sb's life) feeble; hanging on a thread

风中烛,瓦上霜 風中燭,瓦上霜 feng1 zhong1 zhu2 - wa3 shang4 shuang1
lit. like a candle in the wind, or frost on the roof (idiom); fig. (of sb's life) feeble; hanging on a thread

风烛残年 風燭殘年 feng1 zhu2 can2 nian2
one's late days; to have one foot in the grave

火烛 火燭 huo3 zhu2
fire and candles; household things that burn

蜡烛 蠟燭 la4 zhu2

蜡烛不点不亮 蠟燭不點不亮 la4 zhu2 bu4 dian3 bu4 liang4
some people have to be pushed for them to take action

蜡烛两头烧 蠟燭兩頭燒 la4 zhu2 liang3 tou2 shao1
to burn the candle at both ends (idiom); to labor under a double burden

圣烛节 聖燭節 sheng4 zhu2 jie2
Candlemas (Christian Festival on 2nd February)

香烛 香燭 xiang1 zhu2
joss stick and candle

烛光 燭光 zhu2 guang1
candle light; candle-lit (vigil etc); candela, unit of luminous intensity (cd)

烛火 燭火 zhu2 huo3
candle flame

烛架 燭架 zhu2 jia4
candlestick holder; candlestand; candelabra

烛台 燭臺 zhu2 tai2
candlestick; candle holder