to warm up; to heat up; hot (of weather); heat; fervent

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
阿不来提·阿不都热西提 阿不來提·阿不都熱西提 a1 bu4 lai2 ti2 - a1 bu4 du1 re4 xi1 ti2
Abdulahat Abdurixit (1942-), PRC engineer and politician, chairman of Xinjiang autonomous region 1994-2003, in 2003 vice-chair of 10th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

白蛉热 白蛉熱 bai2 ling2 re4
sandfly fever

白热 白熱 bai2 re4
white heat; incandescence

白热化 白熱化 bai2 re4 hua4
to turn white-hot; to intensify; to reach a climax

斑疹热 斑疹熱 ban1 zhen3 re4
spotted fever

伴热 伴熱 ban4 re4
steam or heat tracing

暴热 暴熱 bao4 re4
to trend; to get popular quickly; a sudden heat wave (weather)

比热 比熱 bi3 re4
specific heat

冰炭不言,冷热自明 冰炭不言,冷熱自明 bing1 tan4 bu4 yan2 - leng3 re4 zi4 ming2
ice or coals, whether hot or cold goes without saying (idiom); fig. sincerity is not expressed in words

波状热 波狀熱 bo1 zhuang4 re4
undulant fever; brucellosis

布热津斯基 布熱津斯基 bu4 re4 jin1 si1 ji1
Brzezinski (name); Zbigniew Brzezinski (1928-), Polish-American academic and politician, US National Security Adviser 1977-1981

产褥热 產褥熱 chan3 ru4 re4
postnatal fever; puerperal fever

潮热 潮熱 chao2 re4
hot flush

炒热 炒熱 chao3 re4
hot (i.e. selling well); to raise prices by speculation; to hype

趁热打铁 趁熱打鐵 chen4 re4 da3 tie3
to strike while the iron is hot

弛张热 弛張熱 chi2 zhang1 re4
remittent fever

炽热 熾熱 chi4 re4
red-hot; glowing; blazing; (fig.) passionate

炽热火山云 熾熱火山雲 chi4 re4 huo3 shan1 yun2
nuée ardente; hot cloud of volcanic ash

出血热 出血熱 chu1 xue4 re4
hemorrhage fever

出血性登革热 出血性登革熱 chu1 xue4 xing4 deng1 ge2 re4
dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)

传热 傳熱 chuan2 re4
heat transfer; heat transmission

凑热闹 湊熱鬧 cou4 re4 nao5
to join in the fun; to get in on the action; (fig.) to butt in; to create more trouble

打得火热 打得火熱 da3 de5 huo3 re4
to carry on intimately with (idiom); ardent relationship (esp. between lovers); billing and cooing

大热 大熱 da4 re4
great heat; very popular

导热性 導熱性 dao3 re4 xing4
heat conduction

登革热 登革熱 deng1 ge2 re4
dengue fever; Singapore hemorrhagic fever

低热 低熱 di1 re4
a low fever (up to 38°C)

地热 地熱 di4 re4

地热电站 地熱電站 di4 re4 dian4 zhan4
geothermal electric power station

地热发电厂 地熱發電廠 di4 re4 fa1 dian4 chang3
geothermal electric power station

地热能 地熱能 di4 re4 neng2
geothermal energy

地热资源 地熱資源 di4 re4 zi1 yuan2
geothermal resources

典型登革热 典型登革熱 dian3 xing2 deng1 ge2 re4
dengue fever

电热 電熱 dian4 re4
electrical heating

电热毯 電熱毯 dian4 re4 tan3
electric blanket

发热 發熱 fa1 re4
to have a high temperature; feverish; unable to think calmly; to emit heat

发热伴血小板减少综合征 發熱伴血小板減少綜合徵 fa1 re4 ban4 xue4 xiao3 ban3 jian3 shao3 zong1 he2 zheng1
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS)

放热反应 放熱反應 fang4 re4 fan3 ying4
exothermic reaction

风湿热 風濕熱 feng1 shi1 re4
rheumatic fever

副热带 副熱帶 fu4 re4 dai4
subtropical (zone or climate)

高热 高熱 gao1 re4
a fever

高热病 高熱病 gao1 re4 bing4
fever; high fever

高热量 高熱量 gao1 re4 liang4
high calorie (foodstuff); high heat content

高温热流 高溫熱流 gao1 wen1 re4 liu2
a heat wave

隔热 隔熱 ge2 re4
to insulate thermally; insulating (material, effect etc)

隔热材料 隔熱材料 ge2 re4 cai2 liao4

供热 供熱 gong1 re4
heat supply

骨痛热症 骨痛熱症 gu3 tong4 re4 zheng4
Dengue fever; breakbone fever

固体热容激光器 固體熱容激光器 gu4 ti3 re4 rong2 ji1 guang1 qi4
solid state hot condensed laser (SSHCL)

过热 過熱 guo4 re4
to overheat (e.g. an economy)

核热 核熱 he2 re4
nuclear heat

忽冷忽热 忽冷忽熱 hu1 leng3 hu1 re4
now hot, now cold; (of one's mood, affection etc) to alternate

花粉热 花粉熱 hua1 fen3 re4
hay fever

换热器 換熱器 huan4 re4 qi4
heat exchanger

黄热病 黃熱病 huang2 re4 bing4
yellow fever

黄热病毒 黃熱病毒 huang2 re4 bing4 du2
yellow fever virus

回归热 回歸熱 hui2 gui1 re4
recurring fever

火热 火熱 huo3 re4
fiery; burning; fervent; ardent; passionate

基孔肯雅热 基孔肯雅熱 ji1 kong3 ken3 ya3 re4
chikungunya (virus)

加热 加熱 jia1 re4
to heat

解热 解熱 jie3 re4
to relieve fever

酒酣耳热 酒酣耳熱 jiu3 han1 er3 re4
tipsy and merry (idiom)

绝热 絕熱 jue2 re4
to insulate thermally; (physics) adiabatic

绝热漆 絕熱漆 jue2 re4 qi1
heat-resistant paint

均热 均熱 jun1 re4
to heat evenly (e.g. in smelting metal)

看热闹 看熱鬧 kan4 re4 nao5
to enjoy watching a bustling scene; to go where the crowds are

枯草热 枯草熱 ku1 cao3 re4
hay fever

酷热 酷熱 ku4 re4
torrid heat

狂热 狂熱 kuang2 re4
zealotry; fanatical; feverish

老婆孩子热炕头 老婆孩子熱炕頭 lao3 po2 hai2 zi5 re4 kang4 tou5
wife, kids and a warm bed (idiom); the simple and good life

冷嘲热讽 冷嘲熱諷 leng3 chao2 re4 feng3
frigid irony and scorching satire (idiom); to mock and ridicule

冷热病 冷熱病 leng3 re4 bing4

冷热度数 冷熱度數 leng3 re4 du4 shu4
temperature (esp. of medical patient)

里约热内卢 里約熱內盧 li3 yue1 re4 nei4 lu2
Rio de Janeiro

裂谷热病毒 裂谷熱病毒 lie4 gu3 re4 bing4 du2
Rift Valley fever virus

旅游热点 旅遊熱點 lv3 you2 re4 dian3
a hot tourist attraction; a tourist trap

满腔热忱 滿腔熱忱 man3 qiang1 re4 chen2
full of enthusiasm

慢热型 慢熱型 man4 re4 xing2
slow to get started

闷热 悶熱 men1 re4
sultry; sultriness; hot and stuffy; stifling hot

耐热 耐熱 nai4 re4
heat resistant; fireproof

内行看门道,外行看热闹 內行看門道,外行看熱鬧 nei4 hang2 kan4 men2 dao5 - wai4 hang2 kan4 re4 nao5
while the connoisseur recognizes the artistry, the layman simply enjoys the show

酿热物 釀熱物 niang4 re4 wu4
biological fuel (such as horse dung)

普尔热瓦尔斯基 普爾熱瓦爾斯基 pu3 er3 re4 wa3 er3 si1 ji1
Nikolai Mikhailovich Przevalski (1839-1888), Russian explorer who made four expeditions to Central Asian from 1870; abbr. to 普氏

七日热 七日熱 qi1 ri4 re4

奇昆古尼亚热 奇昆古尼亞熱 qi2 kun1 gu3 ni2 ya4 re4
Chikungunya fever

潜热 潛熱 qian2 re4
latent heat

亲热 親熱 qin1 re4
affectionate; intimate; warmhearted; to get intimate with sb

清热 清熱 qing1 re4
to alleviate fever (medicine); to clear internal heat (Chinese medicine)

热爱 熱愛 re4 ai4
to love ardently; to adore

热比亚 熱比亞 re4 bi3 ya4
Rabiye or Rebiya (name); Rebiya Kadeer or Rabiye Qadir (1947-), Uighur businesswoman and activist, imprisoned 1999-2005, then President of the World Uighur Congress

热比娅 熱比婭 re4 bi3 ya4
Rabiye or Rebiya (name); Rebiya Kadeer or Rabiye Qadir (1947-), Uighur businesswoman and activist, imprisoned 1999-2005, then President of the World Uighur Congress

热比亚·卡德尔 熱比亞·卡德爾 re4 bi3 ya4 - ka3 de2 er3
Rebiya Kadeer or Rabiye Qadir (1947-), Uighur businesswoman and activist, imprisoned 1999-2005, then President of the World Uighur Congress

热比娅·卡德尔 熱比婭·卡德爾 re4 bi3 ya4 - ka3 de2 er3
Rebiya Kadeer or Rabiye Qadir (1947-), Uighur businesswoman and activist, imprisoned 1999-2005, then President of the World Uighur Congress

热病 熱病 re4 bing4
fever; pyrexia

热补 熱補 re4 bu3
hot patching (of insulating material in a furnace); hot patching (runtime correction in computing)

热层 熱層 re4 ceng2

热插拔 熱插拔 re4 cha1 ba2
hot swapping

热茶 熱茶 re4 cha2
hot tea

热肠 熱腸 re4 chang2
warmhearted; enthusiastic

热潮 熱潮 re4 chao2
upsurge; popular craze

热炒 熱炒 re4 chao3
stir-fried dish (Tw)

热炒热卖 熱炒熱賣 re4 chao3 re4 mai4
lit. to sell hot food freshly cooked; fig. to teach what one has just learned; enthusiasm of the new convert

热忱 熱忱 re4 chen2
zeal; enthusiasm; ardor; enthusiastic; warmhearted

热诚 熱誠 re4 cheng2
devotion; fervor

热成层 熱成層 re4 cheng2 ceng2

热处理 熱處理 re4 chu3 li3
hot treatment (e.g. of metal)

热传导 熱傳導 re4 chuan2 dao3
heat transfer; thermal conduction

热带 熱帶 re4 dai4
the tropics; tropical

热带地区 熱帶地區 re4 dai4 di4 qu1
the Tropics

热带风暴 熱帶風暴 re4 dai4 feng1 bao4
tropical storm

热带鱼 熱帶魚 re4 dai4 yu2
tropical fish

热带雨林 熱帶雨林 re4 dai4 yu3 lin2
tropical rain forest

热导 熱導 re4 dao3
thermal conduction

热导率 熱導率 re4 dao3 lv4
thermal conductivity; heat conductivity

热岛效应 熱島效應 re4 dao3 xiao4 ying4
urban heat island effect

热得快 熱得快 re4 de5 kuai4
immersion heater; electric heater for liquid

热点 熱點 re4 dian3
hot spot; point of special interest

热电 熱電 re4 dian4

热电厂 熱電廠 re4 dian4 chang3
thermoelectric power plant

热电偶 熱電偶 re4 dian4 ou3

热动平衡 熱動平衡 re4 dong4 ping2 heng2
thermodynamic equilibrium

热度 熱度 re4 du4
temperature; heat; short-lived enthusiasm

热对流 熱對流 re4 dui4 liu2
heat convection

热尔韦 熱爾韋 re4 er3 wei2
Gervais (name); Paul Gervais (1816-1879), French geologist

热风枪 熱風槍 re4 feng1 qiang1
heat gun

热敷 熱敷 re4 fu1
hot compress

热辐射 熱輻射 re4 fu2 she4
thermal radiation

热干面 熱乾麵 re4 gan1 mian4
hot dry noodles

热狗 熱狗 re4 gou3
hot dog (loanword)

热锅上的蚂蚁 熱鍋上的螞蟻 re4 guo1 shang5 de5 ma3 yi3
(like) a cat on a hot tin roof; anxious; agitated

热焓 熱焓 re4 han2
enthalpy; heat content (thermodynamics)

热函 熱函 re4 han2
enthalpy; heat content (thermodynamics)

热河 熱河 re4 he2
Rehe, Qing dynasty province abolished in 1955 and divided among Hebei, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia; refers to the Qing imperial resort at Chengde; see also 避暑山莊|避暑山庄 (history)

热核反应堆 熱核反應堆 re4 he2 fan3 ying4 dui1
thermal reactor

热核聚变反应 熱核聚變反應 re4 he2 ju4 bian4 fan3 ying4
thermonuclear fusion reaction

热核武器 熱核武器 re4 he2 wu3 qi4
fusion weapon; thermonuclear weapon

热乎乎 熱乎乎 re4 hu1 hu1
nice and warm

热呼呼 熱呼呼 re4 hu1 hu1
variant of 熱乎乎|热乎乎

热呼 熱呼 re4 hu5
variant of 熱乎|热乎

热乎 熱乎 re4 hu5
warm; hot; affectionate; ardent

热昏 熱昏 re4 hun1
to be overcome by the heat

热火朝天 熱火朝天 re4 huo3 chao2 tian1
in full swing (idiom); (in a) frenzy; buzzing with activity

热机 熱機 re4 ji1
heat engine

热解 熱解 re4 jie3
thermal cleavage (i.e. sth splits when heated)

热痉挛 熱痙攣 re4 jing4 luan2
heat cramps

热裤 熱褲 re4 ku4
hot pants

热剌剌 熱剌剌 re4 la4 la4
smartingly painful

热浪 熱浪 re4 lang4

热泪 熱淚 re4 lei4
hot tears

热泪盈眶 熱淚盈眶 re4 lei4 ying2 kuang4
eyes brimming with tears of excitement (idiom); extremely moved

热力 熱力 re4 li4

热力学 熱力學 re4 li4 xue2

热力学温标 熱力學溫標 re4 li4 xue2 wen1 biao1
thermodynamic temperature scale (in degrees Kelvin, measured above absolute zero)

热力学温度 熱力學溫度 re4 li4 xue2 wen1 du4
thermodynamic temperature (temperature above absolute zero)

热连球菌 熱連球菌 re4 lian2 qiu2 jun1
Streptococcus thermophilus

热脸贴冷屁股 熱臉貼冷屁股 re4 lian3 tie1 leng3 pi4 gu5
to show warm feelings but meet with cold rebuke (idiom); to be snubbed despite showing good intentions

热恋 熱戀 re4 lian4
to fall head over heels in love; to be passionately in love

热量 熱量 re4 liang4
heat; quantity of heat; calorific value

热量单位 熱量單位 re4 liang4 dan1 wei4
thermal unit; unit of heat

热烈 熱烈 re4 lie4
enthusiastic; ardent; warm

热络 熱絡 re4 luo4
intimate; friendly; warm; active; lively (interaction, participation etc)

热卖 熱賣 re4 mai4
hot selling; best seller

热脉冲 熱脈衝 re4 mai4 chong1
thermal pulse

热卖品 熱賣品 re4 mai4 pin3
hot-selling property

热门 熱門 re4 men2
popular; hot; in vogue

热门货 熱門貨 re4 men2 huo4
goods in great demand

热敏 熱敏 re4 min3
heat-sensitive; thermal (printing)

热那亚 熱那亞 re4 na4 ya4

热闹 熱鬧 re4 nao5
bustling with noise and excitement; lively

热能 熱能 re4 neng2
heat energy

热捧 熱捧 re4 peng3
a craze; a popular wave; a hit with the public

热气 熱氣 re4 qi4
steam; heat

热气球 熱氣球 re4 qi4 qiu2
hot air balloon

热气腾腾 熱氣騰騰 re4 qi4 teng2 teng2
piping hot

热钱 熱錢 re4 qian2
hot money, money flowing from one currency to another in the hope of quick profit

热切 熱切 re4 qie4

热情 熱情 re4 qing2
cordial; enthusiastic; passion; passionate; passionately

热情款待 熱情款待 re4 qing2 kuan3 dai4
to provide warm hospitality

热情洋溢 熱情洋溢 re4 qing2 yang2 yi4
brimming with enthusiasm (idiom); full of warmth

热容 熱容 re4 rong2
thermal capacity

热身 熱身 re4 shen1
to warm up (sports); (fig.) to prepare; to get in condition

热身赛 熱身賽 re4 shen1 sai4
exhibition game

热食 熱食 re4 shi2
hot food

热释光 熱釋光 re4 shi4 guang1

热水 熱水 re4 shui3
hot water

热水袋 熱水袋 re4 shui3 dai4
hot water bottle; hot-water bag

热水瓶 熱水瓶 re4 shui3 ping2
thermos bottle; vacuum bottle; hot water dispenser (appliance)

热水器 熱水器 re4 shui3 qi4
water heater

热水澡 熱水澡 re4 shui3 zao3
hot bath or shower

热缩管 熱縮管 re4 suo1 guan3
heat shrink tubing (aka heatshrink) (shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires)

热烫 熱燙 re4 tang4
to burn

热帖 熱帖 re4 tie3
hot thread (in an Internet forum)

热土 熱土 re4 tu3
homeland; hot piece of real estate

热望 熱望 re4 wang4
to aspire

热线 熱線 re4 xian4
hotline (communications link)

热香饼 熱香餅 re4 xiang1 bing3

热销 熱銷 re4 xiao1
to sell well; hot-selling

热心 熱心 re4 xin1
enthusiasm; zeal; zealous; zest; enthusiastic; ardent; warmhearted

热心肠 熱心腸 re4 xin1 chang2
warmhearted; willing to help others

热血 熱血 re4 xue4
hot blood; warm-blooded (animal); endothermic (physiology)

热血沸腾 熱血沸騰 re4 xue4 fei4 teng2
to be fired up (idiom); to have one's blood racing

热议 熱議 re4 yi4
to discuss passionately; heated debate

热饮 熱飲 re4 yin3
hot drink

热源 熱源 re4 yuan2
heat source

热值 熱值 re4 zhi2
calorific value

热衷 熱衷 re4 zhong1
to feel strongly about; to be fond of; obsession; deep commitment

热中 熱中 re4 zhong1
variant of 熱衷|热衷

热中子 熱中子 re4 zhong1 zi3
thermal neutron

萨拉热窝 薩拉熱窩 sa4 la1 re4 wo1
Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina

三分钟热度 三分鐘熱度 san1 fen1 zhong1 re4 du4
brief period of enthusiasm; flash in the pan

散热 散熱 san4 re4
to dissipate heat

散热片 散熱片 san4 re4 pian4
heat sink

散热器 散熱器 san4 re4 qi4
radiator (for heating a room); radiator (for cooling an engine)

散热器护栅 散熱器護柵 san4 re4 qi4 hu4 shan1
radiator grille

生炒热卖 生炒熱賣 sheng1 chao3 re4 mai4
to sell while it's still hot (idiom); fig. in a great hurry to publish or sell (and no time to improve the product)

生热 生熱 sheng1 re4
to generate heat

受热 受熱 shou4 re4
heated; sunstroke

暑热 暑熱 shu3 re4
hot (summer) weather

衰变热 衰變熱 shuai1 bian4 re4
decay heat

水深火热 水深火熱 shui3 shen1 huo3 re4
deep water and scorching fire; abyss of suffering (idiom)

炭疽热 炭疽熱 tan4 ju1 re4

兔热病 兔熱病 tu4 re4 bing4
tularemia; rabbit fever

退热 退熱 tui4 re4
to reduce fever

胃灼热 胃灼熱 wei4 zhuo2 re4
heartburn; pyrosis

温热 溫熱 wen1 re4
tepid; to warm up (food etc)

文化热 文化熱 wen2 hua4 re4
cultural fever; cultural craze

五讲四美三热爱 五講四美三熱愛 wu3 jiang3 si4 mei3 san1 re4 ai4
the five emphases, four beauties and three loves (PRC policy introduced in 1981, including emphasis on manners, beauty of language and love of socialism)

吸热 吸熱 xi1 re4
heat absorption

心急吃不了热豆腐 心急吃不了熱豆腐 xin1 ji2 chi1 bu5 liao3 re4 dou4 fu5
hasty men don't get to eat hot tofu (idiom); one just has to be patient; haste will ruin everything

新热带界 新熱帶界 xin1 re4 dai4 jie4
Neotropic (ecozone)

猩红热 猩紅熱 xing1 hong2 re4
scarlet fever

亚热带 亞熱帶 ya4 re4 dai4
subtropical (zone or climate)

炎热 炎熱 yan2 re4
blistering hot; sizzling hot (weather)

眼热 眼熱 yan3 re4
to covet; envious

鹦鹉热 鸚鵡熱 ying1 wu3 re4
psittacosis; ornithosis; parrot fever

英语热 英語熱 ying1 yu3 re4
English language fan; enthusiasm for English

犹热 猶熱 you2 re4
overheating; popular (craze)

余热 餘熱 yu2 re4
residual heat; surplus heat; fig. old people's capacity for work

预热 預熱 yu4 re4
to preheat; warm-up

原始热带雨林 原始熱帶雨林 yuan2 shi3 re4 dai4 yu3 lin2
virgin tropical rainforest

战壕热 戰壕熱 zhan4 hao2 re4
trench fever

蒸发热 蒸發熱 zheng1 fa1 re4
latent heat of evaporation

知冷知热 知冷知熱 zhi1 leng3 zhi1 re4
to know whether others are cold or hot (idiom); to be very considerate

炙手可热 炙手可熱 zhi4 shou3 ke3 re4
lit. burn your hand, feel the heat (idiom); fig. arrogance of the powerful; a mighty figure no-one dares approach; hot (exciting or in favor)

贮热 貯熱 zhu4 re4
to conserve heat

传热学 傳熱學 zhuan4 re4 xue2
theory of heat; heat transmission (physics)

灼热 灼熱 zhuo2 re4
burning hot; scorching; worried

总热值 總熱值 zong3 re4 zhi2
gross calorific value