to dry over a fire; to bake

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
焙粉 焙粉 bei4 fen3
baking powder

焙干 焙乾 bei4 gan1
to dry over a fire; to roast

焙果 焙果 bei4 guo3
variant of 貝果|贝果

焙煎 焙煎 bei4 jian1
to dry and roast over a low fire (tea, chestnuts, seaweed etc); to torrefy

焙烤 焙烤 bei4 kao3
to bake; to roast; to kiln

焙烧 焙燒 bei4 shao1
to roast; to bake (e.g. mineral ore)

烘焙 烘焙 hong1 bei4
to cure by drying over a fire (tea, meat etc); to bake

烘焙店 烘焙店 hong1 bei4 dian4

炭焙 炭焙 tan4 bei4