variant of 照; to shine; to illuminate

according to; in accordance with; to shine; to illuminate; to reflect; to look at (one's reflection); to take (a photo); photo; as requested; as before

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
按照 按照 an4 zhao4
according to; in accordance with; in the light of; on the basis of

按照法律 按照法律 an4 zhao4 fa3 lv4
according to the law

按照计划 按照計劃 an4 zhao4 ji4 hua4
according to (the) plan ...

按照字面 按照字面 an4 zhao4 zi4 mian4

比照 比照 bi3 zhao4
according to; in the light of; contrast

参照 參照 can1 zhao4
to consult a reference; to refer to (another document)

参照系 參照系 can1 zhao4 xi4
frame of reference; coordinate frame (math.)

车照 車照 che1 zhao4
vehicle license

承蒙关照 承蒙關照 cheng2 meng2 guan1 zhao4
to be indebted to sb for care; thank you for looking after me

慈照寺 慈照寺 ci2 zhao4 si4
Jishōji in northeast Kyōto 京都, Japan, the official name of Ginkakuji or Silver pavilion 銀閣寺|银阁寺

大头照 大頭照 da4 tou2 zhao4
head-and-shoulders photo (esp. a formal one used in a passport, ID card etc)

单色照片 單色照片 dan1 se4 zhao4 pian4
monochrome photo; black and white picture

低剂量照射 低劑量照射 di1 ji4 liang4 zhao4 she4
low dose irradiation

电照明 電照明 dian4 zhao4 ming2
electric lighting

对照 對照 dui4 zhao4
to contrast; to compare; to place side by side for comparison (as parallel texts); to check

对照表 對照表 dui4 zhao4 biao3
comparison table

乏人照顾 乏人照顧 fa2 ren2 zhao4 gu4
(of a person) left unattended; not cared for

反照 反照 fan3 zhao4

反照率 反照率 fan3 zhao4 lv4
reflectivity; albedo

仿照 仿照 fang3 zhao4
to imitate

福星高照 福星高照 fu2 xing1 gao1 zhao4
lucky star in the ascendant (idiom); a lucky sign

辐照 輻照 fu2 zhao4

肝胆相照 肝膽相照 gan1 dan3 xiang1 zhao4
to treat one another with absolute sincerity (idiom); to show total devotion

关照 關照 guan1 zhao4
to take care; to keep an eye on; to look after; to tell; to remind

光照 光照 guang1 zhao4

光照度 光照度 guang1 zhao4 du4
illuminance (physics)

合照 合照 he2 zhao4
to pose for a photo

后照镜 後照鏡 hou4 zhao4 jing4
rearview mirror (Tw)

护照 護照 hu4 zhao4

回光反照 回光反照 hui2 guang1 fan3 zhao4
final radiance of setting sun; fig. dying flash (of lucidity or activity, prior to demise)

回光返照 回光返照 hui2 guang1 fan3 zhao4
final radiance of setting sun; fig. dying flash (of lucidity or activity, prior to demise)

急性照射 急性照射 ji2 xing4 zhao4 she4
acute exposure

驾驶执照 駕駛執照 jia4 shi3 zhi2 zhao4
driver's license

驾照 駕照 jia4 zhao4
driver's license

近照 近照 jin4 zhao4
recent photo

剧照 劇照 ju4 zhao4
photo taken during a theatrical production; a still (from a movie)

均日照 均日照 jun1 ri4 zhao4
average annual sunshine

快照 快照 kuai4 zhao4
snapshot; photo

朗照 朗照 lang3 zhao4
to shine brightly; (fig.) to perceive clearly

李清照 李清照 li3 qing1 zhao4
Li Qingzhao (1084-c. 1151), southern Song female poet

立体照片 立體照片 li4 ti3 zhao4 pian4
three-dimensional photo

卢照邻 盧照鄰 lu2 zhao4 lin2
Lu Zhaolin (637-689), one of the Four Great Poets of the Early Tang 初唐四傑|初唐四杰

裸照 裸照 luo3 zhao4
nude photograph

年均日照 年均日照 nian2 jun1 ri4 zhao4
average annual sunshine

拍照 拍照 pai1 zhao4
to take a picture

牌照 牌照 pai2 zhao4
(business) licence; vehicle licence; car registration; licence plate

凭照 憑照 ping2 zhao4
certificate; license

普照 普照 pu3 zhao4
(of the sunlight) to bathe all things; to shine gloriously

请多关照 請多關照 qing3 duo1 guan1 zhao4
please treat me kindly (conventional greeting on first meeting)

人工照亮 人工照亮 ren2 gong1 zhao4 liang4
artificial lighting

日照 日照 ri4 zhao4
Rizhao prefecture level city in Shandong

日照 日照 ri4 zhao4

日照市 日照市 ri4 zhao4 shi4
Rizhao prefecture level city in Shandong

事故照射 事故照射 shi4 gu4 zhao4 she4
accidental exposure

数码照相机 數碼照相機 shu4 ma3 zhao4 xiang4 ji1
digital camera

太阳照在桑干河上 太陽照在桑乾河上 tai4 yang2 zhao4 zai4 sang1 gan1 he2 shang4
The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River, proletarian novel by Ding Ling, winner of 1951 Stalin prize

探照灯 探照燈 tan4 zhao4 deng1

天然照亮 天然照亮 tian1 ran2 zhao4 liang4
natural lighting

外照射 外照射 wai4 zhao4 she4
external irradiation

无照经营 無照經營 wu2 zhao4 jing1 ying2
unlicensed business activity

夕照 夕照 xi1 zhao4
glow of the setting sun

写照 寫照 xie3 zhao4

心照 心照 xin1 zhao4
intuitive sympathy; to understand tacitly

心照不宣 心照不宣 xin1 zhao4 bu4 xuan1
a tacit mutual understanding

艳照 艷照 yan4 zhao4
nude picture

依照 依照 yi1 zhao4
according to; in light of

遗照 遺照 yi2 zhao4
picture of the deceased

应急照射 應急照射 ying4 ji2 zhao4 she4
emergency exposure (nuclear energy)

映照 映照 ying4 zhao4
to shine upon; to reflect

予以照顾 予以照顧 yu3 yi3 zhao4 gu4
to ask sb to carefully consider a request (idiom)

照搬 照搬 zhao4 ban1
to copy; to imitate

照办 照辦 zhao4 ban4
to follow the rules; to do as instructed; to play by the book; to comply with a request

照本宣科 照本宣科 zhao4 ben3 xuan1 ke1
a wooden word-by-word reading

照壁 照壁 zhao4 bi4
a screen wall across the gate of a house (for privacy)

照常 照常 zhao4 chang2
as usual

照抄 照抄 zhao4 chao1
to copy word for word

照单全收 照單全收 zhao4 dan1 quan2 shou1
to accept without question; to take sth at face value

照得 照得 zhao4 de2
seeing that

照登 照登 zhao4 deng1
to publish unaltered, as in the original; Urtext

照度 照度 zhao4 du4
illumination (i.e. intensity of light)

照发 照發 zhao4 fa1
to provide as before; unaltered provision; an authorized issue

照顾 照顧 zhao4 gu5
to take care of; to show consideration; to attend to; to look after

照管 照管 zhao4 guan3
to look after; to provide for

照葫芦画瓢 照葫蘆畫瓢 zhao4 hu2 lu5 hua4 piao2
lit. to draw a dipper with a gourd as a model (idiom); fig. to copy slavishly

照护 照護 zhao4 hu4
care; treatment (e.g. nursing care); to look after

照会 照會 zhao4 hui4
a diplomatic note; letter of understanding or concern exchanged between governments

照旧 照舊 zhao4 jiu4
as before; as in the past

照看 照看 zhao4 kan4
to look after; to attend to; to have in care

照理 照理 zhao4 li3
according to reason; usually; in the normal course of events; to attend to

照例 照例 zhao4 li4
as a rule; as usual; usually

照亮 照亮 zhao4 liang4
to illuminate; to light up; lighting

照料 照料 zhao4 liao4
to tend; to take care of sb

照猫画虎 照貓畫虎 zhao4 mao1 hua4 hu3
lit. drawing a tiger using a cat as a model (idiom); fig. to follow a model and get things more or less right but without capturing the spirit of the subject; uninspired imitation

照面 照面 zhao4 mian4
to meet face-to-face

照明 照明 zhao4 ming2
lighting; illumination

照明弹 照明彈 zhao4 ming2 dan4
flare; star shell

照骗 照騙 zhao4 pian4
(Internet slang) flattering photo (pun on 照片); photoshopped picture

照片 照片 zhao4 pian4
photograph; picture

照片底版 照片底版 zhao4 pian4 di3 ban3
a photographic plate

照片子 照片子 zhao4 pian4 zi5
X-ray photo

照烧 照燒 zhao4 shao1
teriyaki (Japanese cooking technique)

照射 照射 zhao4 she4
to shine on; to light up; to irradiate

照说 照說 zhao4 shuo1
normally; ordinarily speaking

照相 照相 zhao4 xiang4
to take a photograph

照像 照像 zhao4 xiang4
variant of 照相

照相馆 照相館 zhao4 xiang4 guan3
photo studio

照像机 照像機 zhao4 xiang4 ji1
variant of 照相機|照相机; camera

照相机 照相機 zhao4 xiang4 ji1

照眼 照眼 zhao4 yan3
glare; dazzling

照样 照樣 zhao4 yang4
as before; (same) as usual; in the same manner; still; nevertheless

照妖镜 照妖鏡 zhao4 yao1 jing4
magic mirror for revealing goblins; fig. way of seeing through a conspiracy

照耀 照耀 zhao4 yao4
to shine; to illuminate

照映 照映 zhao4 ying4
to shine; to illuminate

照应 照應 zhao4 ying4
to correlate with; to correspond to

照应 照應 zhao4 ying5
to look after; to take care of; to attend to

照原样 照原樣 zhao4 yuan2 yang4
to copy; to follow the original shape; faithful restoration

照约定 照約定 zhao4 yue1 ding4
according to agreement; as arranged; as stipulated

照章 照章 zhao4 zhang1
according to the regulations

照直 照直 zhao4 zhi2
directly; straight; straight ahead; straightforward

照准 照準 zhao4 zhun3
request granted (formal usage in old document); to aim (gun)

照作不误 照作不誤 zhao4 zuo4 bu4 wu4
to do something, never mind the circumstances

正电子发射断层照相术 正電子發射斷層照相術 zheng4 dian4 zi3 fa1 she4 duan4 ceng2 zhao4 xiang1 shu4
positron emission tomography (PET)

正电子照射断层摄影 正電子照射斷層攝影 zheng4 dian4 zi3 zhao4 she4 duan4 ceng2 she4 ying3
positrion emission tomography (PET)

证照 證照 zheng4 zhao4
professional certification; certificate; ID or passport photo

执照 執照 zhi2 zhao4
license; permit

中英对照 中英對照 zhong1 ying1 dui4 zhao4
Chinese English parallel texts

中英文对照 中英文對照 zhong1 ying1 wen2 dui4 zhao4
Chinese-English parallel texts

朱厚照 朱厚照 zhu1 hou4 zhao4
Zhu Houzhao, personal name of tenth Ming emperor 正德 (1491-1521), reigned 1505-1521

自拍照 自拍照 zi4 pai1 zhao4

遵照 遵照 zun1 zhao4
in accordance with; to follow (the rules)