a glimmer; glimmering; twinkling; fluorescence; phosphorescence; perplexed; dazzled and confused; planet Mars (arch.)

strokes 14
strokes after radical 10
金碧荧煌 金碧熒煌 jin1 bi4 ying2 huang2
splendid in green and gold (idiom); looking radiant

荧光 熒光 ying2 guang1
fluorescence; fluorescent

荧光棒 熒光棒 ying2 guang1 bang4
glow stick; light stick

荧光笔 熒光筆 ying2 guang1 bi3
highlighter (pen)

荧光灯 熒光燈 ying2 guang1 deng1
fluorescent lamp; neon lamp

荧光幕 熒光幕 ying2 guang1 mu4
screen (of a TV, computer etc) (Tw)

荧光屏 熒光屏 ying2 guang1 ping2
fluorescent screen; TV screen

荧惑 熒惑 ying2 huo4
to bewilder; to dazzle and confuse; the planet Mars

荧惑星 熒惑星 ying2 huo4 xing1
Mars in traditional Chinese astronomy

荧幕 熒幕 ying2 mu4
TV screen

荧屏 熒屏 ying2 ping2
fluorescent screen; TV screen

荧荧 熒熒 ying2 ying2
a glimmer; twinkling (of stars, phosphorescence, candlelight); flickering light