to smelt; to fuse

strokes 14
strokes after radical 10
大熔炉 大熔爐 da4 rong2 lu2
lit. large smelting furnace; fig. the mixing of different ethnicities and cultures; Melting Pot

熔点 熔點 rong2 dian3
melting point

熔核 熔核 rong2 he2
weld nugget

熔化 熔化 rong2 hua4
to melt (of ice, metals etc)

熔化点 熔化點 rong2 hua4 dian3
melting point

熔毁 熔毀 rong2 hui3
meltdown; (of nuclear fuel) to melt down

熔浆 熔漿 rong2 jiang1
magma; molten lava

熔解 熔解 rong2 jie3

熔矿炉 熔礦爐 rong2 kuang4 lu2

熔炼 熔煉 rong2 lian4
to smelt

熔炉 熔爐 rong2 lu2
smelting furnace; forge

熔融 熔融 rong2 rong2
to melt; to fuse

熔融岩浆 熔融岩漿 rong2 rong2 yan2 jiang1
magma; molten lava

熔岩 熔岩 rong2 yan2

熔岩湖 熔岩湖 rong2 yan2 hu2
lava lake

熔岩流 熔岩流 rong2 yan2 liu2
lava flow

熔岩穹丘 熔岩穹丘 rong2 yan2 qiong2 qiu1
magma dome

熔渣 熔渣 rong2 zha1
slag (smelting)

玄武质熔岩 玄武質熔岩 xuan2 wu3 zhi4 rong2 yan2
basalt; also written 玄熔岩

朱熔基 朱熔基 zhu1 rong2 ji1
common erroneous form of 朱鎔基|朱镕基, Zhu Rongji (1928-), PRC politician, premier 1998-2003

助熔剂 助熔劑 zhu4 rong2 ji4