to boil; to simmer

to cook on a slow fire; to extract by heating; to decoct; to endure

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
熬稃 熬稃 ao1 fu1
puffed grain; popped wheat; popcorn

熬出头 熬出頭 ao2 chu1 tou2
to break clear of all the troubles and hardships; to achieve success; to make it

熬膏 熬膏 ao2 gao1
to simmer to a paste

熬更守夜 熬更守夜 ao2 geng1 shou3 ye4
to stay up through the night (idiom)

熬煎 熬煎 ao2 jian1
suffering; torture

熬头儿 熬頭兒 ao2 tou5 er5
(coll.) the reward of one's efforts; the light at the end of the tunnel

熬药 熬藥 ao2 yao4
to decoct medicinal herbs

熬夜 熬夜 ao2 ye4
to stay up late or all night

煎熬 煎熬 jian1 ao2
to suffer; to torture; to torment; ordeal; suffering; torture; torment

苦熬 苦熬 ku3 ao2
to endure (years of suffering)

难熬 難熬 nan2 ao2
hard to bear; unendurable (pain, suffering)

媳妇熬成婆 媳婦熬成婆 xi2 fu4 ao2 cheng2 po2
lit. even a submissive daughter-in-law will one day become a domineering mother-in-law (idiom); fig. the oppressed will become the oppressor; what goes around comes around