to scald; to burn (by scalding); to blanch (cooking); to heat (sth) up in hot water; to perm; to iron; scalding hot

strokes 16
strokes after radical 12
发烫 發燙 fa1 tang4
burning hot

滚烫 滾燙 gun3 tang4
boiling; scalding

火烫 火燙 huo3 tang4
burning hot; fiery; to have one's hair permed with hot curling tongs

麻辣烫 麻辣燙 ma2 la4 tang4
hot spicy soup (often sold in street stalls)

热烫 熱燙 re4 tang4
to burn

死猪不怕开水烫 死豬不怕開水燙 si3 zhu1 bu4 pa4 kai1 shui3 tang4
lit. a dead pig doesn't fear scalding water (idiom); fig. to be unaffected (by sth); undaunted

烫斗 燙斗 tang4 dou3
clothes iron

烫发 燙髮 tang4 fa4
perm (hairstyle)

烫平 燙平 tang4 ping2
to press (clothes); to iron out (wrinkles)

烫伤 燙傷 tang4 shang1
to scald

烫手山芋 燙手山芋 tang4 shou3 shan1 yu4
hot potato; problem; trouble; headache

烫头发 燙頭髮 tang4 tou2 fa5
perm; to perm hair

烫衣 燙衣 tang4 yi1
to iron (clothes)

烫衣板 燙衣板 tang4 yi1 ban3
ironing board

氽烫 氽燙 tun3 tang4
to blanch (cooking)

熨烫 熨燙 yun4 tang4
to iron (clothes)

蒸汽挂烫机 蒸汽掛燙機 zheng1 qi4 gua4 tang4 ji1
garment steamer