ruthless; fierce; ferocious; determined; to harden (one's heart); old variant of 很

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
恶狠 惡狠 e4 hen3
fierce and vicious

恶狠狠 惡狠狠 e4 hen3 hen3
very fierce

狠巴巴 狠巴巴 hen3 ba1 ba1
very fierce

狠毒 狠毒 hen3 du2
vicious; malicious; savage

狠狠 狠狠 hen3 hen3
resolutely; firmly; ferociously; ruthlessly

狠劲 狠勁 hen3 jin4
to exert all one's force; all-out effort

狠命 狠命 hen3 ming4
exerting all one's strength

狠心 狠心 hen3 xin1
callous; heartless

算你狠 算你狠 suan4 ni3 hen3
you got me!; you win!; you are something!

心狠手辣 心狠手辣 xin1 hen3 shou3 la4
vicious and merciless (idiom)

凶狠 兇狠 xiong1 hen3
variant of 凶狠

凶狠 凶狠 xiong1 hen3
cruel; vicious; fierce and malicious; vengeful