strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
阿鼻地狱 阿鼻地獄 a1 bi2 di4 yu4
Ceaseless pain (Sanskrit: Avici), one of the Buddhist hells; fig. hell; hell on earth

出狱 出獄 chu1 yu4
to be released from prison

大狱 大獄 da4 yu4
jail; prison

地狱 地獄 di4 yu4
hell; infernal; underworld

典狱长 典獄長 dian3 yu4 zhang3

断狱 斷獄 duan4 yu4
to pass judgment on a legal case

浮动地狱 浮動地獄 fu2 dong4 di4 yu4
floating hell; slave ships

画地为狱 畫地為獄 hua4 di4 wei2 yu4
see 畫地為牢|画地为牢

监狱 監獄 jian1 yu4

劫狱 劫獄 jie2 yu4
to break into jail; to forcibly release prisoners

锒铛入狱 鋃鐺入獄 lang2 dang1 ru4 yu4
lit. to get shackled and thrown in jail (idiom); fig. to be put behind bars; to get jailed

牢狱 牢獄 lao2 yu4

牢狱之灾 牢獄之災 lao2 yu4 zhi1 zai1

炼狱 煉獄 lian4 yu4

人间地狱 人間地獄 ren2 jian1 di4 yu4
hell on earth (idiom); suffering the torments of Buddhist hell while still alive; fig. having an uncomfortable time

入狱 入獄 ru4 yu4
to go to jail; to be sent to prison

身陷牢狱 身陷牢獄 shen1 xian4 lao2 yu4
to go to prison; to be imprisoned

释放出狱 釋放出獄 shi4 fang4 chu1 yu4
to release from jail

逃狱 逃獄 tao2 yu4
to escape (from prison); to jump bail

文字狱 文字獄 wen2 zi4 yu4
literary inquisition; official persecution of intellectuals for their writing

下狱 下獄 xia4 yu4
to imprison

疑狱 疑獄 yi2 yu4
a hard legal case to judge

狱吏 獄吏 yu4 li4
prison guard; jailer (old)

狱卒 獄卒 yu4 zu2
jailer (old)

冤狱 冤獄 yuan1 yu4
unjust charge or verdict; miscarriage of justice; frame-up

越狱 越獄 yue4 yu4
to break out of prison; to jailbreak (an iOS device etc)

越狱犯 越獄犯 yue4 yu4 fan4
escaped prisoner

诏狱 詔獄 zhao4 yu4
imperial prison