humble; rustic; plentiful

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
贪猥无厌 貪猥無厭 tan1 wei3 wu2 yan4
avaricious and insatiable (idiom); greedy and never satisfied

猥獕 猥獕 wei3 cui1
vulgar; despicable; abject

猥琐 猥瑣 wei3 suo3
wretched (esp. appearance); vulgar

猥亵 猥褻 wei3 xie4
obscene; indecent; to molest

猥亵性暴露 猥褻性暴露 wei3 xie4 xing4 bao4 lu4
indecent exposure; flashing

淫猥 淫猥 yin2 wei3
obscene; indecent