alone; independent; single; sole; only

strokes 16
strokes after radical 13
罢黜百家,独尊儒术 罷黜百家,獨尊儒術 ba4 chu4 bai3 jia1 - du2 zun1 ru2 shu4
Dismiss the hundred schools, revere only the Confucian (idiom); sole dominant ideology

不独 不獨 bu4 du2
not only

陈独秀 陳獨秀 chen2 du2 xiu4
Chen Duxiu (1879-1942), Chinese Marxist and leading communist, blamed for the failures of Chinese communism from 1927, posthumously rehabilitated

单打独斗 單打獨鬥 dan1 da3 du2 dou4
to fight alone (idiom)

单独 單獨 dan1 du2
alone; by oneself; on one's own

单根独苗 單根獨苗 dan1 gen1 du2 miao2
an only child

得天独厚 得天獨厚 de2 tian1 du2 hou4
blessed by heaven (idiom); enjoying exceptional advantages; favored by nature

独霸 獨霸 du2 ba4
lit. sole hegemony; to monopolize; domination (of the market); personal empire

独霸一方 獨霸一方 du2 ba4 yi1 fang1
to exercise sole hegemony (idiom); to dominate a whole area (market, resources etc); to hold as one's personal fiefdom

独白 獨白 du2 bai2
stage monologue; soliloquy

独步 獨步 du2 bu4
lit. walking alone; prominent; unrivalled; outstanding

独裁 獨裁 du2 cai2

独裁者 獨裁者 du2 cai2 zhe3
dictator; autocrat

独唱 獨唱 du2 chang4
(in singing) solo; to solo

独出心裁 獨出心裁 du2 chu1 xin1 cai2
to display originality (idiom); to do things differently

独出一时 獨出一時 du2 chu1 yi1 shi2
incomparable; head and shoulders above the competition

独处 獨處 du2 chu3
to live alone; to spend time alone (or with a significant other)

独创 獨創 du2 chuang4
to come up with (an innovation); innovation

独创性 獨創性 du2 chuang4 xing4
innovative; ingenious; originality; ingenuity

独胆 獨膽 du2 dan3
individually courageous

独胆英雄 獨膽英雄 du2 dan3 ying1 xiong2
bold and courageous hero (idiom)

独当一面 獨當一面 du2 dang1 yi1 mian4
to assume personal responsibility (idiom); to take charge of a section

独岛 獨島 du2 dao3
Dokdo (Japanese Takeshima 竹島|竹岛), disputed islands in Sea of Japan

独到 獨到 du2 dao4

独栋 獨棟 du2 dong4
(of a building) detached

独独 獨獨 du2 du2

独断 獨斷 du2 duan4
to decide alone without consultation; arbitrary; dictatorial

独断独行 獨斷獨行 du2 duan4 du2 xing2
to decide and act alone (idiom); to take arbitrary action; a law unto oneself

独断专行 獨斷專行 du2 duan4 zhuan1 xing2
to decide and act alone (idiom); to take arbitrary action; a law unto oneself

独二代 獨二代 du2 er4 dai4
second generation only child

独放异彩 獨放異彩 du2 fang4 yi4 cai3
to project singular splendor or radiance; to perform brilliantly

独夫 獨夫 du2 fu1
sole ruler; dictator

独夫民贼 獨夫民賊 du2 fu1 min2 zei2
tyrant and oppressor of the people (idiom); traitorous dictator

独个 獨個 du2 ge4

独孤求败 獨孤求敗 du2 gu1 qiu2 bai4
Dugu Qiubai, a fictional character appearing in 金庸 novels

独家 獨家 du2 jia1

独角鲸 獨角鯨 du2 jiao3 jing1
narwhal (Monodon monoceros)

独角兽 獨角獸 du2 jiao3 shou4

独脚跳 獨腳跳 du2 jiao3 tiao4
to jump on one foot; to hop

独脚戏 獨腳戲 du2 jiao3 xi4
variant of 獨角戲|独角戏

独角戏 獨角戲 du2 jiao3 xi4
monodrama; one-man show; comic talk

独居 獨居 du2 ju1
to live alone; to live a solitary existence

独居石 獨居石 du2 ju1 shi2

独具 獨具 du2 ju4
to have unique (talent, insight etc)

独具匠心 獨具匠心 du2 ju4 jiang4 xin1
original and ingenious (idiom); to show great creativity

独具只眼 獨具隻眼 du2 ju4 zhi1 yan3
to see what others fail to see (idiom); to have exceptional insight

独来独往 獨來獨往 du2 lai2 du2 wang3
coming and going alone (idiom); a lone operator; keeping to oneself; unsociable; maverick

独揽 獨攬 du2 lan3
to monopolize

独揽市场 獨攬市場 du2 lan3 shi4 chang3
to monopolize a market

独立 獨立 du2 li4
independent; independence; to stand alone

独力 獨力 du2 li4
all by oneself; without exterior help

独立报 獨立報 du2 li4 bao4
The Independent

独立国家联合体 獨立國家聯合體 du2 li4 guo2 jia1 lian2 he2 ti3
Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union)

独立门户 獨立門戶 du2 li4 men2 hu4
to live apart from parents (of married couple); to achieve independence

独立宣言 獨立宣言 du2 li4 xuan1 yan2
Declaration of Independence

独立选民 獨立選民 du2 li4 xuan3 min2
independent voter

独立战争 獨立戰爭 du2 li4 zhan4 zheng1
war of independence

独立中文笔会 獨立中文筆會 du2 li4 zhong1 wen2 bi3 hui4
Independent Chinese PEN center

独立自主 獨立自主 du2 li4 zi4 zhu3
independent and autonomous (idiom); self-determination; to act independently; to maintain control over one's own affairs

独立钻石 獨立鑽石 du2 li4 zuan4 shi2
solitaire (puzzle)

独联体 獨聯體 du2 lian2 ti3
Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union); abbr. for 獨立國家聯合體|独立国家联合体

独领风骚 獨領風騷 du2 ling3 feng1 sao1
most outstanding; par excellence

独龙 獨龍 du2 long2
Drung or Dulong ethnic group of northwest Yunnan

独龙江 獨龍江 du2 long2 jiang1
Dulong river in northwest Yunnan on border with Myanmar, tributary of Salween or Nujiang 怒江, sometimes referred to as number four of Three parallel rivers 三江並流|三江并流, wildlife protection unit

独轮车 獨輪車 du2 lun2 che1
wheelbarrow; unicycle

独苗 獨苗 du2 miao2
only child; sole scion

独木不成林 獨木不成林 du2 mu4 bu4 cheng2 lin2
a lone tree does not make a forest (idiom); one cannot accomplish much on one's own

独木桥 獨木橋 du2 mu4 qiao2
single-log bridge; (fig.) difficult path

独木舟 獨木舟 du2 mu4 zhou1
dugout; canoe; kayak

独辟蹊径 獨辟蹊徑 du2 pi4 xi1 jing4
to blaze a new trail (idiom); to display originality

独人秀 獨人秀 du2 ren2 xiu4
one-man show

独山 獨山 du2 shan1
Dushan county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州, Guizhou

独山县 獨山縣 du2 shan1 xian4
Dushan county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州, Guizhou

独山子 獨山子 du2 shan1 zi3
Dushanzi district (Uighur: Maytagh Rayoni) of Qaramay City 克拉瑪依市|克拉玛依市, Xinjiang

独山子区 獨山子區 du2 shan1 zi3 qu1
Dushanzi district (Uighur: Maytagh Rayoni) of Qaramay City 克拉瑪依市|克拉玛依市, Xinjiang

独身 獨身 du2 shen1
unmarried; single

独生 獨生 du2 sheng1
only (child); to be the sole survivor

独生女 獨生女 du2 sheng1 nv3
an only daughter

独生子 獨生子 du2 sheng1 zi3
only son

独生子女 獨生子女 du2 sheng1 zi3 nv3
an only child

独生子女政策 獨生子女政策 du2 sheng1 zi3 nv3 zheng4 ce4
one-child policy

独守空房 獨守空房 du2 shou3 kong1 fang2
(of a married woman) to stay home alone

独属 獨屬 du2 shu3
belonging exclusively to; exclusively for; reserved to; special

独树一帜 獨樹一幟 du2 shu4 yi1 zhi4
lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner; to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own

独特 獨特 du2 te4
unique; distinct; having special characteristics

独体 獨體 du2 ti3
autonomous body; independent system

独体字 獨體字 du2 ti3 zi4
single-component character

独吞 獨吞 du2 tun1
to hog; to keep everything for oneself

独舞 獨舞 du2 wu3
solo dance

独行 獨行 du2 xing2

独行其是 獨行其是 du2 xing2 qi2 shi4
to go one's own way (idiom); to act independently without asking others

独行侠 獨行俠 du2 xing2 xia2
loner; single person; bachelor

独秀 獨秀 du2 xiu4
to surpass; to stand above the crowd

独眼龙 獨眼龍 du2 yan3 long2
one-eyed person

独一 獨一 du2 yi1
only; unique

独一无二 獨一無二 du2 yi1 wu2 er4
unique and unmatched (idiom); unrivalled; nothing compares with it

独有 獨有 du2 you3
to own exclusively; unique to; specific; there is only

独语 獨語 du2 yu3
solo part (in opera); soliloquy

独语句 獨語句 du2 yu3 ju4
one-word sentence

独院 獨院 du2 yuan4
one family courtyard

独院儿 獨院兒 du2 yuan4 er5
erhua variant of 獨院|独院

独在异乡为异客 獨在異鄉為異客 du2 zai4 yi4 xiang1 wei2 yi4 ke4
a stranger in a strange land (from a poem by Wang Wei 王維|王维)

独占 獨佔 du2 zhan4
to monopolize; to control; to dominate

独占鳌头 獨佔鰲頭 du2 zhan4 ao2 tou2
to come first in triennial palace examinations (idiom, refers to the carved stone turtle head in front of the imperial palace, next to which the most successful candidate in the imperial examinations was entitled to stand); to be the champion; to be the v

独酌 獨酌 du2 zhuo2
to drink alone

独资 獨資 du2 zi1
wholly-owned (often by foreign company); exclusive investment

独子 獨子 du2 zi3
only son

独自 獨自 du2 zi4

独奏 獨奏 du2 zou4

独尊 獨尊 du2 zun1
to revere as sole orthodoxy; to hold supremacy (of a religion, ideology, cultural norm, social group etc); to be dominant

独尊儒术 獨尊儒術 du2 zun1 ru2 shu4
dismiss the hundred schools, revere only the Confucians (slogan of the Former Han dynasty)

非独 非獨 fei1 du2
not only; not merely

非独立 非獨立 fei1 du2 li4

贡山独龙族怒族自治县 貢山獨龍族怒族自治縣 gong4 shan1 du2 long2 zu2 nu4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Gongshan Derung and Nu autonomous county in Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture 怒江傈僳族自治州 in northwest Yunnan

孤独 孤獨 gu1 du2
lonely; solitary

孤独于世 孤獨於世 gu1 du2 yu2 shi4
alone in the world (idiom)

孤独症 孤獨症 gu1 du2 zheng4

鳏寡孤独 鰥寡孤獨 guan1 gua3 gu1 du2
lit. widowers, widows, orphans and the childless; fig. people with no one left to rely on

戛戛独造 戛戛獨造 jia2 jia2 du2 zao4
creative; original

匠心独运 匠心獨運 jiang4 xin1 du2 yun4
original and ingenious (idiom); to show great creativity

金鸡独立 金雞獨立 jin1 ji1 du2 li4
golden rooster stands on one leg (tai chi posture); standing on one leg

九宫格数独 九宮格數獨 jiu3 gong1 ge2 shu4 du2
sudoku (puzzle game)

踽踽独行 踽踽獨行 ju3 ju3 du2 xing2
to walk alone (idiom)

离独 離獨 li2 du2
to be divorced

美国独立战争 美國獨立戰爭 mei3 guo2 du2 li4 zhan4 zheng1
American War of Independence (1775-1783)

民贼独夫 民賊獨夫 min2 zei2 du2 fu1
tyrant and oppressor of the people (idiom); traitorous dictator

你走你的阳关道,我过我的独木桥 你走你的陽關道,我過我的獨木橋 ni3 zou3 ni3 de5 yang2 guan1 dao4 - wo3 guo4 wo3 de5 du2 mu4 qiao2
lit. you hit the high road, I'll cross the log bridge (idiom); fig. you go your way, I'll go mine; you do it your way, I'll do it mine

情有独钟 情有獨鍾 qing2 you3 du2 zhong1
to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)

情有独钟 情有獨鐘 qing2 you3 du2 zhong1
to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)

慎独 慎獨 shen4 du2
to preserve a proper behavior in private life

失独 失獨 shi1 du2
bereaved of one's only child

失独家庭 失獨家庭 shi1 du2 jia1 ting2
a family bereaved of its only child

数独 數獨 shu4 du2
sudoku (puzzle game)

双独 雙獨 shuang1 du2
double and single; allowed dispensation to have second child

双独夫妇 雙獨夫婦 shuang1 du2 fu1 fu4
a married couple allowed dispensation to have second child

司法独立 司法獨立 si1 fa3 du2 li4
judicial independence

台独 台獨 tai2 du2
Taiwan Independence (movement); abbr. for 台灣獨立運動|台湾独立运动

特立独行 特立獨行 te4 li4 du2 xing2
to be unconventional; independence of action

统独 統獨 tong3 du2
unification and independence

外商独资企业 外商獨資企業 wai4 shang1 du2 zi1 qi3 ye4
wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) (form of legal entity in China); abbr. to 外資企業|外资企业

唯独 唯獨 wei2 du2
only; just (i.e. it is only that...); all except; unique

惟独 惟獨 wei2 du2
only; solely; this one alone

无独有偶 無獨有偶 wu2 du2 you3 ou3
not alone but in pairs (idiom, usually derog.); not a unique occurrence; it's not the only case

一枝独秀 一枝獨秀 yi1 zhi1 du2 xiu4
lit. only one branch of the tree is thriving (idiom); fig. to be in a league of one's own; outstanding

藏独 藏獨 zang4 du2
Tibetan Independence (movement); abbr. for 西藏獨立運動|西藏独立运动

只眼独具 隻眼獨具 zhi1 yan3 du2 ju4
see 獨具隻眼|独具只眼