glutinous; sticky; to stick; to adhere; variant of 黏

to glue; to stick; to paste

strokes 11
strokes after radical 5
不粘锅 不粘鍋 bu4 zhan1 guo1
non-stick pan

胶粘 膠粘 jiao1 nian2
sticky; viscid; adhesive

胶粘剂 膠粘劑 jiao1 nian2 ji4

魔鬼粘 魔鬼粘 mo2 gui3 zhan1
Velcro fastener; touch fastener

粘缠 粘纏 nian2 chan2
to stick closely to; cloying

粘虫 粘蟲 nian2 chong2
army worm (e.g. Mythimna separata or Leucania separata etc, major cereal pests)

粘稠 粘稠 nian2 chou2
thick; viscous; sticky

粘度 粘度 nian2 du4

粘附 粘附 nian2 fu4
to adhere

粘合剂 粘合劑 nian2 he2 ji4
adhesive; glue

粘乎乎 粘乎乎 nian2 hu1 hu1
sticky; slimy

粘糊 粘糊 nian2 hu5

粘滑 粘滑 nian2 hua2
slimy (of rotten food); viscous; stick-slip (in mechanics)

粘胶 粘膠 nian2 jiao1

粘胶液 粘膠液 nian2 jiao1 ye4

粘结 粘結 nian2 jie2
to cohere; to bind

粘聚 粘聚 nian2 ju4
to cohere; to group together as a unit; to agglomerate

粘菌 粘菌 nian2 jun1
slime mold (Myxomycetes)

粘连 粘連 nian2 lian2
to adhere; to stick together

粘米 粘米 nian2 mi3
sticky rice; short-grain rice; Oryza sativa var. japonica; also written 黏米

粘膜 粘膜 nian2 mo2
mucous membrane

粘粘 粘粘 nian2 nian2

粘皮带骨 粘皮帶骨 nian2 pi2 dai4 gu3
to glue skin and bind the bones (idiom); insistent unrelenting conduct

粘皮著骨 粘皮著骨 nian2 pi2 zhu4 gu3
to glue skin and bind the bones (idiom); insistent unrelenting conduct

粘土 粘土 nian2 tu3
clay; loam

粘性 粘性 nian2 xing4
viscosity; glutinous

粘性力 粘性力 nian2 xing4 li4
viscous forces (in fluid mechanics)

粘液 粘液 nian2 ye4

粘滞 粘滯 nian2 zhi4

粘滞性 粘滯性 nian2 zhi4 xing4

粘着 粘著 nian2 zhuo2
to stick together; to adhere

有粘性 有粘性 you3 nian2 xing4
viscous; glutinous

粘合 粘合 zhan1 he2
to bind; agglutination

粘接 粘接 zhan1 jie1
to bond; to splice

粘连 粘連 zhan1 lian2
adhesion; to adhere; to cohere; to stick

粘木 粘木 zhan1 mu4
amonang tree (Ixonanthes chinensis)

粘贴 粘貼 zhan1 tie1
to stick; to affix; to adhere; to paste (as in "copy and paste"); Taiwan pr. ; also written 黏貼|黏贴

粘涎 粘涎 zhan1 xian2
saliva; slobber; (colloquial) useless talk; drivel

粘着力 粘著力 zhan1 zhuo2 li4
adhesive force; adherence; coherence

粘着性 粘著性 zhan1 zhuo2 xing4
agglutinative (in linguistics, a characteristic of Altaic languages)