fine; delicate

strokes 16
strokes after radical 9
别致 別緻 bie2 zhi4
unusual; unique

格致 格緻 ge2 zhi4
to study the underlying principle to acquire knowledge; abbr. for 格物致知; word for Western natural sciences during late Qing

和气致祥 和氣緻祥 he2 qi4 zhi4 xiang2
(idiom) amiability leads to harmony

坚致 堅緻 jian1 zhi4
robust and fine textured

精致 精緻 jing1 zhi4
delicate; fine; exquisite; refined

丽致 麗緻 li4 zhi4
Ritz (hotel chain)

罗致 羅緻 luo2 zhi4
to employ; to recruit (talented personnel); to gather together (a team)

密致 密緻 mi4 zhi4
dense; close spaced

细致 細緻 xi4 zhi4
delicate; fine; careful; meticulous; painstaking

雅人深致 雅人深緻 ya3 ren2 shen1 zhi4
refined pleasure of poetic minds

逸致 逸緻 yi4 zhi4
carefree; in the mood for enjoyment

韵致 韻緻 yun4 zhi4
grace; natural charm

致畸 緻畸 zhi4 ji1
producing abnormality; leading to genetic malformation; teratogenic

致密 緻密 zhi4 mi4
fine; dense; compact