to stop; to cease; to dismiss; to suspend; to quit; to finish

(final particle, same as 吧)

strokes 10
strokes after radical 5
罢黜 罷黜 ba4 chu4
to dismiss from office; to ban; to reject

罢黜百家,独尊儒术 罷黜百家,獨尊儒術 ba4 chu4 bai3 jia1 - du2 zun1 ru2 shu4
Dismiss the hundred schools, revere only the Confucian (idiom); sole dominant ideology

罢工 罷工 ba4 gong1
a strike; to go on strike

罢官 罷官 ba4 guan1
to dismiss from office; to resign from office

罢教 罷教 ba4 jiao4
teacher's strike

罢课 罷課 ba4 ke4
student's strike

罢了 罷了 ba4 le5
a modal particle indicating (that's all, only, nothing much)

罢了 罷了 ba4 liao3
a modal particle indicating (don't mind it, ok)

罢论 罷論 ba4 lun4
abandoned idea

罢免 罷免 ba4 mian3
to remove sb from their post; to dismiss

罢市 罷市 ba4 shi4
protest strike by merchants

罢手 罷手 ba4 shou3
to give up

罢休 罷休 ba4 xiu1
to give up; to abandon (a goal etc); to let sth go; forget it; let the matter drop

不提也罢 不提也罷 bu4 ti2 ye3 ba4
best not to mention it; drop it; never mind; let's not talk about it

海瑞罢官 海瑞罷官 hai3 rui4 ba4 guan1
Hai Rui dismissed from office, 1960 historical play by historian Wu Han 吳晗|吴晗

静坐罢工 靜坐罷工 jing4 zuo4 ba4 gong1
sit-in strike

善罢甘休 善罷甘休 shan4 ba4 gan1 xiu1
to leave the matter at that; to be prepared to let go; to be willing to take things lying down

也罢 也罷 ye3 ba4
(reduplicated) whether... or...; never mind; fine (indicating acceptance or resignation)

欲罢不能 欲罷不能 yu4 ba4 bu4 neng2
want to stop but can't (idiom); to be unable to stop oneself; to feel an urge to continue

作罢 作罷 zuo4 ba4
to drop (subject etc)