guilt; crime; fault; blame; sin

variant of 罪, crime

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
办罪 辦罪 ban4 zui4
to punish

暴力犯罪 暴力犯罪 bao4 li4 fan4 zui4
violent crime

本罪 本罪 ben3 zui4
actual sin (Christian notion, as opposed to original sin 原罪)

不服罪 不服罪 bu4 fu2 zui4
to deny a crime; to plead not guilty

不知者不罪 不知者不罪 bu4 zhi1 zhe3 bu4 zui4
One who does not know is not guilty; If one does not know any better, one cannot be held responsible

承认控罪 承認控罪 cheng2 ren4 kong4 zui4
guilty plea (law)

重婚罪 重婚罪 chong2 hun1 zui4

仇恨罪 仇恨罪 chou2 hen4 zui4
hate crime

仇恨罪行 仇恨罪行 chou2 hen4 zui4 xing2
hate crime

除罪 除罪 chu2 zui4
to pardon

大兴问罪之师 大興問罪之師 da4 xing1 wen4 zui4 zhi1 shi1
to launch a punitive campaign; to condemn scathingly

代罪 代罪 dai4 zui4
to redeem oneself; to make up for one's misdeeds

代罪羔羊 代罪羔羊 dai4 zui4 gao1 yang2

单位犯罪 單位犯罪 dan1 wei4 fan4 zui4
crime committed by an organization

得罪 得罪 de2 zui4
to commit an offense; to violate the law; excuse me! (formal); see also 得罪

得罪 得罪 de2 zui5
to offend sb; to make a faux pas; a faux pas; see also 得罪

低头认罪 低頭認罪 di1 tou2 ren4 zui4
to bow one's head in acknowledgment of guilt; to admit one's guilt

涤罪所 滌罪所 di2 zui4 suo3
purgatory (religion)

抵罪 抵罪 di3 zui4
to be punished for a crime

颠覆国家罪 顛覆國家罪 dian1 fu4 guo2 jia1 zui4
crime of incitement to overthrow the state; abbr. for 煽動顛覆國家政權|煽动颠覆国家政权

颠覆政府罪 顛覆政府罪 dian1 fu4 zheng4 fu3 zui4
crime of incitement to overthrow the state; abbr. for 煽動顛覆國家政權|煽动颠覆国家政权

颠覆罪 顛覆罪 dian1 fu4 zui4
crime of incitement to overthrow the state; abbr. for 煽動顛覆國家政權|煽动颠覆国家政权

吊民伐罪 弔民伐罪 diao4 min2 fa2 zui4
to console the people and punish the tyrant

顶罪 頂罪 ding3 zui4
to take the blame for sb else; to compensate for one's crime; to get charges dropped (by paying money etc)

定罪 定罪 ding4 zui4
to convict (sb of a crime)

二茬罪 二茬罪 er4 cha2 zui4
to suffer second persecution

反革命宣传煽动罪 反革命宣傳煽動罪 fan3 ge2 ming4 xuan1 chuan2 shan1 dong4 zui4
the crime of instigating counterrevolutionary propaganda

反人道罪 反人道罪 fan3 ren2 dao4 zui4
a crime against humanity

反人道罪行 反人道罪行 fan3 ren2 dao4 zui4 xing2
crime against humanity

反人类罪 反人類罪 fan3 ren2 lei4 zui4
crimes against humanity

犯罪 犯罪 fan4 zui4
to commit a crime; crime; offense

犯罪集团 犯罪集團 fan4 zui4 ji2 tuan2
crime syndicate

犯罪团伙 犯罪團伙 fan4 zui4 tuan2 huo3
a criminal gang

犯罪现场 犯罪現場 fan4 zui4 xian4 chang3
scene of the crime

犯罪行为 犯罪行為 fan4 zui4 xing2 wei2
criminal activity

犯罪学 犯罪學 fan4 zui4 xue2

犯罪者 犯罪者 fan4 zui4 zhe3
criminal; perpetrator

服罪 服罪 fu2 zui4
to admit to a crime; to plead guilty

伏罪 伏罪 fu2 zui4
variant of 服罪

腐败罪 腐敗罪 fu3 bai4 zui4
the crime of corruption

负荆请罪 負荊請罪 fu4 jing1 qing3 zui4
lit. to bring a bramble and ask for punishment (idiom); fig. to offer sb a humble apology

公共安全罪 公共安全罪 gong1 gong4 an1 quan2 zui4
crime against public order

功罪 功罪 gong1 zui4
achievements and crimes

共谋罪 共謀罪 gong4 mou2 zui4

怪罪 怪罪 guai4 zui4
to blame

归罪 歸罪 gui1 zui4
to blame sb

国际战争罪法庭 國際戰爭罪法庭 guo2 ji4 zhan4 zheng1 zui4 fa3 ting2
International war crimes tribunal

过失致死罪 過失致死罪 guo4 shi1 zhi4 si3 zui4
(law) negligent homicide

花钱找罪受 花錢找罪受 hua1 qian2 zhao3 zui4 shou4
to spend money on sth that turns out to be unsatisfactory or even disastrous

怀璧其罪 懷璧其罪 huai2 bi4 qi2 zui4
lit. treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime (idiom); to get into trouble on account of a cherished item; fig. A person's talent will arouse the envy of others.

悔罪 悔罪 hui3 zui4

活受罪 活受罪 huo2 shou4 zui4
(coll.) to go through sheer hell

活罪 活罪 huo2 zui4
suffering; hardship; living hell

祸首罪魁 禍首罪魁 huo4 shou3 zui4 kui2
main offender, criminal ringleader (idiom); main culprit; fig. main cause of a disaster

获罪 獲罪 huo4 zui4
to commit a crime

间谍罪 間諜罪 jian4 die2 zui4
crime of spying

将功赎罪 將功贖罪 jiang1 gong1 shu2 zui4
to atone for one's crimes by meritorious acts

将功折罪 將功折罪 jiang1 gong1 zhe2 zui4
see 將功贖罪|将功赎罪

交通肇事罪 交通肇事罪 jiao1 tong1 zhao4 shi4 zui4
culpable driving causing serious damage or injury

聚众淫乱罪 聚眾淫亂罪 ju4 zhong4 yin2 luan4 zui4
group licentiousness (offense punishable by up to five years in prison in the PRC)

开脱罪责 開脫罪責 kai1 tuo1 zui4 ze2
to absolve sb from guilt; to exonerate; to exculpate

开罪 開罪 kai1 zui4
to offend sb; to give offense; to displease

控罪 控罪 kong4 zui4
criminal charge; accusation

苦行赎罪 苦行贖罪 ku3 xing2 shu2 zui4
penance (to atone for a sin)

勒索罪 勒索罪 le4 suo3 zui4

领罪 領罪 ling3 zui4
to confess one's fault; to accept one's punishment

流氓罪 流氓罪 liu2 mang2 zui4
the crime of hooliganism

灭种罪 滅種罪 mie4 zhong3 zui4

谋杀罪 謀殺罪 mou2 sha1 zui4

殴打罪 毆打罪 ou1 da3 zui4
assault and battery (law)

叛国罪 叛國罪 pan4 guo2 zui4
the crime of treason

叛乱罪 叛亂罪 pan4 luan4 zui4
the crime of armed rebellion

赔罪 賠罪 pei2 zui4
to apologize

陪罪 陪罪 pei2 zui4
to apologize; apology

千古罪人 千古罪人 qian1 gu3 zui4 ren2
sb condemned by history (idiom)

抢劫罪 搶劫罪 qiang1 jie2 zui4

强奸罪 強姦罪 qiang2 jian1 zui4

敲诈罪 敲詐罪 qiao1 zha4 zui4

轻罪 輕罪 qing1 zui4
petty crime; misdemeanor

请罪 請罪 qing3 zui4
to apologize humbly; to beg forgiveness

认罪 認罪 ren4 zui4
to admit guilt; to plead guilty

认罪协商 認罪協商 ren4 zui4 xie2 shang1
plea bargain

煽动颠覆国家罪 煽動顛覆國家罪 shan1 dong4 dian1 fu4 guo2 jia1 zui4
crime of conspiring to overthrow the state

赦罪 赦罪 she4 zui4
to forgive (an offender)

受罪 受罪 shou4 zui4
to endure; to suffer; hardships; torments; a hard time; a nuisance

赎罪 贖罪 shu2 zui4
to atone for one's crime; to buy freedom from punishment; redemption; atonement

赎罪日 贖罪日 shu2 zui4 ri4
Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement (Jewish holiday)

赎罪日战争 贖罪日戰爭 shu2 zui4 ri4 zhan4 zheng1
the Yom Kippur war of October 1973 between Israel and her Arab neighbors

恕罪 恕罪 shu4 zui4
please forgive me

死要面子活受罪 死要面子活受罪 si3 yao4 mian4 zi5 huo2 shou4 zui4
to go through hell for the sake of keeping up appearances (idiom)

死罪 死罪 si3 zui4
mortal crime; capital offense

替罪 替罪 ti4 zui4
to cancel out a crime; to receive punishment as a scapegoat

替罪羔羊 替罪羔羊 ti4 zui4 gao1 yang2
scapegoat; sacrificial lamb; same as 替罪羊

替罪羊 替罪羊 ti4 zui4 yang2

畏罪 畏罪 wei4 zui4
to dread punishment; afraid of being arrested for a crime

畏罪自杀 畏罪自殺 wei4 zui4 zi4 sha1
to commit suicide to escape punishment

问罪 問罪 wen4 zui4
to denounce; to condemn; to call to account; to punish

问罪之师 問罪之師 wen4 zui4 zhi1 shi1
punitive force; a person setting out to deliver severe reproach

无罪 無罪 wu2 zui4
innocent; guileless; not guilty (of crime)

无罪抗辩 無罪抗辯 wu2 zui4 kang4 bian4
plea of not guilty

无罪推定 無罪推定 wu2 zui4 tui1 ding4
presumption of innocence (law)

谢罪 謝罪 xie4 zui4
to apologize for an offense; to offer one's apology for a fault

兴师问罪 興師問罪 xing1 shi1 wen4 zui4
to send punitive forces against; (fig.) to criticize violently

寻衅滋事罪 尋釁滋事罪 xun2 xin4 zi1 shi4 zui4
disorderly behavior (PRC law)

言者无罪,闻者足戒 言者無罪,聞者足戒 yan2 zhe3 wu2 zui4 - wen2 zhe3 zu2 jie4
don't blame the speaker, take note of his warning (idiom); an exhortation to speak one's mind without fear of reprisals, and with the expectation of being taken seriously

洋罪 洋罪 yang2 zui4
terrible pain; torture; (coll.) pain suffered at the hand of foreigners

阴谋颠覆政府罪 陰謀顛覆政府罪 yin1 mou2 dian1 fu4 zheng4 fu3 zui4
the crime of conspiracy to overthrow the government

有罪 有罪 you3 zui4

有罪不罚 有罪不罰 you3 zui4 bu4 fa2

欲加之罪,何患无辞 欲加之罪,何患無辭 yu4 jia1 zhi1 zui4 - he2 huan4 wu2 ci2
If you want to condemn sb, don't worry about the pretext (idiom, from Zuozhuan 左傳|左传); one can always trump up a charge against sb; Give a dog a bad name, then hang him.

原罪 原罪 yuan2 zui4
original sin

遭罪 遭罪 zao1 zui4
to endure; to suffer hardships; hard time; nuisance

诈骗罪 詐騙罪 zha4 pian4 zui4

战争罪 戰爭罪 zhan4 zheng1 zui4
war crime

折罪 折罪 zhe2 zui4
to atone for a crime

治罪 治罪 zhi4 zui4
to punish sb (for a crime)

重罪 重罪 zhong4 zui4
serious crime; felony

自罪 自罪 zi4 zui4
actual sin (Christian notion, as opposed to original sin 原罪); conscious sin

罪案 罪案 zui4 an4
a criminal case

罪大恶极 罪大惡極 zui4 da4 e4 ji2
guilty of terrible crimes (idiom); reprehensible

罪恶 罪惡 zui4 e4
crime; evil; sin

罪恶滔天 罪惡滔天 zui4 e4 tao1 tian1
evil crimes fill heaven (idiom)

罪犯 罪犯 zui4 fan4

罪过 罪過 zui4 guo5
sin; offense

罪疚 罪疚 zui4 jiu4

罪魁 罪魁 zui4 kui2
criminal ringleader; chief culprit; fig. cause of a problem

罪魁祸首 罪魁禍首 zui4 kui2 huo4 shou3
criminal ringleader, main offender (idiom); main culprit; fig. main cause of a disaster

罪名 罪名 zui4 ming2
criminal charge; accusation

罪孽 罪孽 zui4 nie4
sin; crime; wrongdoing

罪愆 罪愆 zui4 qian1
sin; offense

罪人 罪人 zui4 ren2

罪行 罪行 zui4 xing2
crime; offense

罪行累累 罪行累累 zui4 xing2 lei3 lei3
having an extensive criminal record

罪性 罪性 zui4 xing4
sinful nature

罪有应得 罪有應得 zui4 you3 ying1 de2
guilty and deserves to be punished (idiom); entirely appropriate chastisement; the punishment fits the crime

罪与罚 罪與罰 zui4 yu3 fa2
Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky 陀思妥耶夫斯基

罪责 罪責 zui4 ze2

罪状 罪狀 zui4 zhuang4
charges or facts about a crime; the nature of the offense