exterior surface; family relationship via females; to show (one's opinion); a model; a table (listing information); a form; a meter (measuring sth)

wrist or pocket watch

strokes 8
strokes after radical 3
安培表 安培表 an1 pei2 biao3

半表半里 半表半裡 ban4 biao3 ban4 li3
half outside, half inside; half interior, half exterior

爆表 爆表 bao4 biao3
off the charts; extreme; beyond the normal range of measurement

报表 報表 bao4 biao3
forms for reporting statistics; report forms

曝光表 曝光表 bao4 guang1 biao3
light meter; exposure meter

报名表 報名表 bao4 ming2 biao3
application form; registration form

报税表 報稅表 bao4 shui4 biao3
a tax return; a tax declaration form

笔划检字表 筆劃檢字表 bi3 hua4 jian3 zi4 biao3
lookup table for Chinese character based on radical and stroke count

表白 表白 biao3 bai2
to explain oneself; to express; to reveal one's thoughts or feelings; declaration; confession

表报 表報 biao3 bao4
statistical tables and reports

表册 表冊 biao3 ce4
statistical form; book of tables or forms

表层 表層 biao3 ceng2
surface layer

表尺 表尺 biao3 chi3
rear sight (of a gun)

表达 表達 biao3 da2
to express; to convey

表达失语症 表達失語症 biao3 da2 shi1 yu3 zheng4
expressive aphasia

表达式 表達式 biao3 da2 shi4
expression (math.)

表带 錶帶 biao3 dai4
watchband; watch strap

表带 表帶 biao3 dai4
watchband; watch strap

表单 表單 biao3 dan1
form (document)

表弟 表弟 biao3 di4
younger male cousin via female line

表哥 表哥 biao3 ge1
older male cousin via female line

表格 表格 biao3 ge2
form; table

表功 表功 biao3 gong1
to show off one's accomplishments (often derog.)

表姑 表姑 biao3 gu1
father's female cousin via female line

表观 表觀 biao3 guan1

表观遗传学 表觀遺傳學 biao3 guan1 yi2 chuan2 xue2

表记 表記 biao3 ji4
sth given as a token; souvenir

表姐 表姐 biao3 jie3
older female cousin via female line

表姐妹 表姐妹 biao3 jie3 mei4
female cousins via female line

表决 表決 biao3 jue2
to decide by vote; to vote

表决权 表決權 biao3 jue2 quan2
right to vote; vote

表里 表裡 biao3 li3
the outside and the inside; one's outward show and inner thoughts; exterior and interior

表里不一 表裡不一 biao3 li3 bu4 yi1
outside appearance and inner reality differ (idiom); not what it seems; saying one thing but meaning sth different

表里如一 表裡如一 biao3 li3 ru2 yi1
external appearance and inner thoughts coincide (idiom); to say what one means; to think and act as one

表露 表露 biao3 lu4
to show; to reveal (one's feelings etc)

表露无遗 表露無遺 biao3 lu4 wu2 yi2
to show in full light; to be revealed in its entirety

表妹 表妹 biao3 mei4
younger female cousin via female line

表蒙子 錶蒙子 biao3 meng2 zi5
watch glass; crystal

表面 表面 biao3 mian4
surface; face; outside; appearance

表面化 表面化 biao3 mian4 hua4
to come to the surface; to become apparent

表面活化剂 表面活化劑 biao3 mian4 huo2 hua4 ji4

表面活性剂 表面活性劑 biao3 mian4 huo2 xing4 ji4

表面外膜 表面外膜 biao3 mian4 wai4 mo2
surface coat

表面文章 表面文章 biao3 mian4 wen2 zhang1
superficial show; going through the motions

表面张力 表面張力 biao3 mian4 zhang1 li4
surface tension

表明 表明 biao3 ming2
to make clear; to make known; to state clearly; to indicate; known

表盘 表盤 biao3 pan2
meter dial; watch face

表盘 錶盤 biao3 pan2
variant of 表盤|表盘; watch face

表皮 表皮 biao3 pi2
epidermis; cuticle

表皮剥脱素 表皮剝脫素 biao3 pi2 bo1 tuo1 su4

表亲 表親 biao3 qin1
cousin (via female line)

表情 表情 biao3 qing2
(facial) expression; to express one's feelings; expression

表示 表示 biao3 shi4
to express; to show; to say; to state; to indicate; to mean

表示层 表示層 biao3 shi4 ceng2
presentation layer

表示敬意 表示敬意 biao3 shi4 jing4 yi4
respectful; to show respect

表示式 表示式 biao3 shi4 shi4
expression (math.)

表叔 表叔 biao3 shu1
son of grandfather's sister; son of grandmother's brother or sister; father's younger male cousin; (Hong Kong slang) mainlander

表述 表述 biao3 shu4
to formulate; enunciation; to explain sth precisely

表率 表率 biao3 shuai4
example; model

表态 表態 biao3 tai4
to declare one's position; to say where one stands

表土 表土 biao3 tu3
surface soil; topsoil

表位 表位 biao3 wei4
epitope (in immunology); antigenic determinant

表温 表溫 biao3 wen1
surface temperature

表现 表現 biao3 xian4
to show; to show off; to display; to manifest; expression; manifestation; show; display; performance (at work etc); behavior

表现力 表現力 biao3 xian4 li4
expressive power

表现型 表現型 biao3 xian4 xing2

表现自己 表現自己 biao3 xian4 zi4 ji3
to express oneself; to give an account of oneself; to project oneself; to show off

表象 表象 biao3 xiang4

表兄 表兄 biao3 xiong1
older male cousin via female line

表兄弟 表兄弟 biao3 xiong1 di4
male cousins via female line

表演 表演 biao3 yan3
play; show; performance; exhibition; to perform; to act; to demonstrate

表演过火 表演過火 biao3 yan3 guo4 huo3
to overact; to overdo one's part

表演赛 表演賽 biao3 yan3 sai4
exhibition match

表扬 表揚 biao3 yang2
to praise; to commend

表意 表意 biao3 yi4
to express meaning; ideographic

表意符阶段 表意符階段 biao3 yi4 fu2 jie1 duan4
logographic stage

表意文字 表意文字 biao3 yi4 wen2 zi4
ideograph; ideographical writing system

表音 表音 biao3 yin1
phonetic; phonological; transliteration

表语 表語 biao3 yu3

表章 表章 biao3 zhang1
memorial to the Emperor

表彰 表彰 biao3 zhang1
to honor; to commend; to cite (in dispatches)

表针 錶針 biao3 zhen1
hand of a clock

表征 表徵 biao3 zheng1
symbol; indicator; representation

表证 表證 biao3 zheng4
superficial syndrome; illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body

表侄 表姪 biao3 zhi2
son of a male cousin via female line

表侄女 表姪女 biao3 zhi2 nv3
daughter of a male cousin via female line

表姊妹 表姊妹 biao3 zi3 mei4
father's sister's daughters; maternal female cousin

表字 表字 biao3 zi4
literary name (an alternative name of a person stressing a moral principle); courtesy name

播放列表 播放列表 bo1 fang4 lie4 biao3

查水表 查水表 cha2 shui3 biao3
(Internet slang) (of the police) to ask to be let in on the pretext of checking the water meter; to barge into people's home on false pretences

乘法表 乘法表 cheng2 fa3 biao3
multiplication table

出人意表 出人意表 chu1 ren2 yi4 biao3
to exceed all expectations; to come as a surprise

出席表决比例 出席表決比例 chu1 xi2 biao3 jue2 bi3 li4
proportion of those present and voting

打表 打錶 da3 biao3
to run the meter (in a taxi)

待办事项列表 待辦事項列表 dai4 ban4 shi4 xiang4 lie4 biao3
to-do list

代表 代表 dai4 biao3
representative; delegate; to represent; to stand for; on behalf of; in the name of

戴表 戴表 dai4 biao3
to wear a watch; a homophone for 代表 used to avoid Internet censorship in the PRC

代表处 代表處 dai4 biao3 chu4
representative office

代表队 代表隊 dai4 biao3 dui4

代表人物 代表人物 dai4 biao3 ren2 wu4
representative individual (of a school of thought)

代表团 代表團 dai4 biao3 tuan2

代表性 代表性 dai4 biao3 xing4
representativeness; representative; typical

代表作 代表作 dai4 biao3 zuo4
representative work (of an author or artist)

登记表 登記表 deng1 ji4 biao3
registration form

登台表演 登臺表演 deng1 tai2 biao3 yan3
to go on stage

地表 地表 di4 biao3
the surface (of the earth)

地表水 地表水 di4 biao3 shui3
surface water

地质年表 地質年表 di4 zhi4 nian2 biao3
geological time scale

地质年代表 地質年代表 di4 zhi4 nian2 dai4 biao3
geological time scale

电表 電表 dian4 biao3
power meter; ammeter; amperemeter; wattmeter; kilowatt-hour meter

电量表 電量表 dian4 liang4 biao3
charge gauge; battery indicator; power meter; coulometer

电流表 電流表 dian4 liu2 biao3

电压表 電壓表 dian4 ya1 biao3

调查表 調查表 diao4 cha2 biao3
questionnaire; inventory list

对表 對錶 dui4 biao3
to set or synchronize a watch

对照表 對照表 dui4 zhao4 biao3
comparison table

多功能表 多功能表 duo1 gong1 neng2 biao3
multifunction meter (e.g. for gas and electricity supply)

发表 發表 fa1 biao3
to issue; to publish

发表演讲 發表演講 fa1 biao3 yan3 jiang3
to give a speech

法定代表人 法定代表人 fa3 ding4 dai4 biao3 ren2
(law) legal representative of a corporation (e.g. chairman of the board of a company, principal of a school etc)

公民表决 公民表決 gong1 min2 biao3 jue2
referendum; decided by public vote

功能表 功能表 gong1 neng2 biao3
menu (software)

公然表示 公然表示 gong1 ran2 biao3 shi4
to state openly

工作表 工作表 gong1 zuo4 biao3

航班表 航班表 hang2 ban1 biao3
flight schedule

航海年表 航海年表 hang2 hai3 nian2 biao3
nautical ephemeris

华表 華表 hua2 biao3
marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)

怀表 懷錶 huai2 biao3
pocket watch

价格表 價格表 jia4 ge2 biao3
price list

减压表 減壓表 jian3 ya1 biao3
decompression table

减压时间表 減壓時間表 jian3 ya1 shi2 jian1 biao3
decompression schedule (diving); also called 減壓程序|减压程序

检字表 檢字表 jian3 zi4 biao3
word index (of a dictionary)

金玉其表,败絮其中 金玉其表,敗絮其中 jin1 yu4 qi2 biao3 - bai4 xu4 qi2 zhong1
gilded exterior, shabby and ruined on the inside (idiom)

进度表 進度表 jin4 du4 biao3
timeline; work schedule

九九乘法表 九九乘法表 jiu3 jiu3 cheng2 fa3 biao3
multiplication table

捐益表 捐益表 juan1 yi4 biao3
tax benefits table

刊误表 刊誤表 kan1 wu4 biao3
variant of 勘誤表|勘误表

勘误表 勘誤表 kan1 wu4 biao3

课表 課表 ke4 biao3
school timetable

课程表 課程表 ke4 cheng2 biao3
class timetable

口技表演者 口技表演者 kou3 ji4 biao3 yan3 zhe3

镭射印表机 鐳射印表機 lei2 she4 yin4 biao3 ji1
laser printer

里程表 里程表 li3 cheng2 biao3

联合发表 聯合發表 lian2 he2 fa1 biao3
joint statement; joint announcement

脸部表情 臉部表情 lian3 bu4 biao3 qing2
facial expression

链表 鏈表 lian4 biao3
linked list

量表 量表 liang2 biao3
gauge; meter; scale

聊表寸心 聊表寸心 liao2 biao3 cun4 xin1
(of a gift) to be a small token of one's feelings

列表 列表 lie4 biao3

刘表 劉表 liu2 biao3
Liu Biao (142-208), warlord

流程表 流程表 liu2 cheng2 biao3
flow chart

路码表 路碼表 lu4 ma3 biao3

旅程表 旅程表 lv3 cheng2 biao3

履历表 履歷表 lv3 li4 biao3
curriculum vitae (CV); resume

马表 馬表 ma3 biao3

码表 碼表 ma3 biao3
dial or meter for displaying speed, time, or other measurements; cyclocomputer; code table (computing)

梅西耶星表 梅西耶星表 mei2 xi1 ye1 xing1 biao3
Messier catalog of nebulae and clusters (1784)

梅西叶星表 梅西葉星表 mei2 xi1 ye4 xing1 biao3
Messier catalog of nebulae and clusters (1784)

面部表情 面部表情 mian4 bu4 biao3 qing2
facial expression

秒表 秒表 miao3 biao3

名表 名錶 ming2 biao3
famous watch (i.e. expensive brand of wristwatch)

明细表 明細表 ming2 xi4 biao3
schedule; subsidiary ledger; a detailed list

年表 年表 nian2 biao3
timeline; chronology; annals; financial year; year

欧米茄表公司 歐米茄錶公司 ou1 mi3 jia1 biao3 gong1 si1
Omega SA, Swiss luxury watchmaker

排名表 排名表 pai2 ming2 biao3
league table; roll of honor

跑表 跑錶 pao3 biao3

谱表 譜表 pu3 biao3
musical stave

气压表 氣壓表 qi4 ya1 biao3

晴雨表 晴雨表 qing2 yu3 biao3

全国代表大会 全國代表大會 quan2 guo2 dai4 biao3 da4 hui4
national general congress; Communist party national congress, in recent times every five years

全国人民代表大会 全國人民代表大會 quan2 guo2 ren2 min2 dai4 biao3 da4 hui4
(Chinese) National People's Congress; abbr. to 人大

全国人民代表大会常务委员会 全國人民代表大會常務委員會 quan2 guo2 ren2 min2 dai4 biao3 da4 hui4 chang2 wu4 wei3 yuan2 hui4
Standing Committee of the National People's Congress

全权代表 全權代表 quan2 quan2 dai4 biao3
a plenipotentiary (representative)

人民代表 人民代表 ren2 min2 dai4 biao3
deputy to People's Congress

日程表 日程表 ri4 cheng2 biao3
daily schedule

三个代表 三個代表 san1 ge4 dai4 biao3
the Three Represents enunciated by Jiang Zemin 江澤民|江泽民 as the duty of the Chinese Communist party in 2001, namely: to represent productivity of an advanced society, forward progress of advanced culture and the fundamental interests of the people

三用表 三用表 san1 yong4 biao3
instrument console (diving)

申请表 申請表 shen1 qing3 biao3
application form

师表 師表 shi1 biao3
paragon of virtue and learning; exemplary character

时间表 時間表 shi2 jian1 biao3
schedule; timetable

时刻表 時刻表 shi2 ke4 biao3
timetable; schedule

时装表演 時裝表演 shi2 zhuang1 biao3 yan3
fashion show

试表 試表 shi4 biao3
to take temperature

世界维吾尔代表大会 世界維吾爾代表大會 shi4 jie4 wei2 wu2 er3 dai4 biao3 da4 hui4
World Uighur Congress

视力表 視力表 shi4 li4 biao3
eye chart (used by optician)

试算表 試算表 shi4 suan4 biao3
spreadsheet; trial balance (accountancy)

手表 手錶 shou3 biao3
wrist watch

首席代表 首席代表 shou3 xi2 dai4 biao3
chief representative

水表 水表 shui3 biao3
water meter; indicator of water level

水温表 水溫表 shui3 wen1 biao3
engine temperature gauge; coolant temperature gauge

损益表 損益表 sun3 yi4 biao3
income statement (US); profit and loss account (UK)

体表 體表 ti3 biao3
surface of the body; periphery of the body; body thermometer; (literary) a person's appearance

体温表 體溫表 ti3 wen1 biao3
clinical thermometer

填表 填表 tian2 biao3
fill a form

停表 停表 ting2 biao3

统计表 統計表 tong3 ji4 biao3
statistical table; chart

图表 圖表 tu2 biao3
chart; diagram

外表 外表 wai4 biao3
external; outside; outward appearance

万世师表 萬世師表 wan4 shi4 shi1 biao3
model teacher of every age (idiom); eternal paragon; refers to Confucius (551-479 BC) 孔子

万用表 萬用表 wan4 yong4 biao3

为人师表 為人師表 wei2 ren2 shi1 biao3
to serve as a model for others (idiom); to be a worthy teacher

温度表 溫度表 wen1 du4 biao3

无表情 無表情 wu2 biao3 qing2
expressionless; wooden (expression); blank (face)

现金流量表 現金流量表 xian4 jin1 liu2 liang4 biao3
cash flow statement

现金流转表 現金流轉表 xian4 jin1 liu2 zhuan3 biao3
cash flow statement

星表 星表 xing1 biao3
star catalog

星云表 星雲表 xing1 yun2 biao3
catalog of stars and nebulae

虚有其表 虛有其表 xu1 you3 qi2 biao3
looks impressive but is worthless (idiom); not as good as it looks; a reputation with no substance

仪表 儀表 yi2 biao3
appearance; bearing; meter (i.e. measuring instrument)

仪表盘 儀表盤 yi2 biao3 pan2
dashboard; indicator panel

仪器表 儀器表 yi2 qi4 biao3

溢于言表 溢於言表 yi4 yu2 yan2 biao3
to exhibit one's feelings in one's speech

印表机 印表機 yin4 biao3 ji1
printer (Tw)

由表及里 由表及裡 you2 biao3 ji2 li3
to proceed from the outside to the inside; to see the essence merely by looking at the superficial appearance

元素周期表 元素週期表 yuan2 su4 zhou1 qi1 biao3
periodic table of the elements (chemistry)

真值表 真值表 zhen1 zhi2 biao3
truth table

正误表 正誤表 zheng4 wu4 biao3

正则表达式 正則表達式 zheng4 ze2 biao3 da2 shi4
regular expression (computing)

制表 製表 zhi4 biao3
to tabulate; tabulation; scheduling; watchmaking

钟表 鐘錶 zhong1 biao3

钟表盘 鐘表盤 zhong1 biao3 pan2

中日韩统一表意文字 中日韓統一表意文字 zhong1 ri4 han2 tong3 yi1 biao3 yi4 wen2 zi4
China Japan Korea (CJK) unified ideographs; Unihan

周期表 週期表 zhou1 qi1 biao3
periodic table (chemistry); abbr. of 元素週期表|元素周期表, periodic table of the elements

注册表 注冊表 zhu4 ce4 biao3
Windows registry

转速表 轉速錶 zhuan4 su4 biao3
tachometer; RPM gauge

撞击式印表机 撞擊式印表機 zhuang4 ji1 shi4 yin4 biao3 ji1
impact printer

资产负债表 資產負債表 zi1 chan3 fu4 zhai4 biao3
balance sheet

字根表 字根表 zi4 gen1 biao3
table of components used in wubi input method 五筆輸入法|五笔输入法

字母表 字母表 zi4 mu3 biao3

作息时间表 作息時間表 zuo4 xi1 shi2 jian1 biao3
daily schedule; work schedule