inner feelings

strokes 10
strokes after radical 4
初衷 初衷 chu1 zhong1
original intention or aspiration

丹衷 丹衷 dan1 zhong1
real sincerity

互诉衷肠 互訴衷腸 hu1 su4 zhong1 chang2
to confide in each other (idiom)

苦衷 苦衷 ku3 zhong1
secret trouble; sorrow; difficulties

莫衷一是 莫衷一是 mo4 zhong1 yi1 shi4
unable to reach a decision (idiom); cannot agree on the right choice; no unanimous decision; still a matter of discussion

倾吐衷肠 傾吐衷腸 qing1 tu3 zhong1 chang2
to pour out (emotions); to pour one's heart out; to say everything that is on one's mind

热衷 熱衷 re4 zhong1
to feel strongly about; to be fond of; obsession; deep commitment

无动于衷 無動於衷 wu2 dong4 yu2 zhong1
aloof; indifferent; unconcerned

言不由衷 言不由衷 yan2 bu4 you2 zhong1
to say sth without meaning it (idiom); to speak tongue in cheek; saying one thing but meaning sth different

隐衷 隱衷 yin3 zhong1
a secret; sth best not told to anyone; confidential information

由衷 由衷 you2 zhong1
heartfelt; sincere; unfeigned

折衷 折衷 zhe2 zhong1
variant of 折中

折衷鹦鹉 折衷鸚鵡 zhe2 zhong1 ying1 wu3
Eclectus roratus (red-green parrot of Papua-New Guinea)

折衷主义 折衷主義 zhe2 zhong1 zhu3 yi4

衷心 衷心 zhong1 xin1
heartfelt; wholehearted; cordial