sleeve; to tuck inside one's sleeve

strokes 10
strokes after radical 5
长袖 長袖 chang2 xiu4
long sleeves; long-sleeved shirt

长袖善舞 長袖善舞 chang2 xiu4 shan4 wu3
long sleeves help one dance beautifully (idiom); money and power will help you in any occupation

短袖 短袖 duan3 xiu4
short sleeves; short-sleeved shirt

断袖 斷袖 duan4 xiu4
homosexual; see 斷袖之癖|断袖之癖

断袖之癖 斷袖之癖 duan4 xiu4 zhi1 pi3
lit. cut sleeve (idiom); fig. euphemism for homosexuality, originating from History of Western Han 漢書|汉书: emperor Han Aidi (real name Liu Xin) was in bed with his lover Dong Xian, and had to attend a court audience that morning. Not wishing to awaken Dong

拂袖而去 拂袖而去 fu2 xiu4 er2 qu4
to storm off in a huff (idiom)

精神领袖 精神領袖 jing1 shen2 ling3 xiu4
spiritual leader (of a nation or church); religious leader

两袖清风 兩袖清風 liang3 xiu4 qing1 feng1
lit. both sleeves flowing in the breeze (idiom); having clean hands; uncorrupted; unsoiled by corrupt practices

领袖 領袖 ling3 xiu4

捋袖子 捋袖子 luo1 xiu4 zi5
to push up one's sleeves

清风两袖 清風兩袖 qing1 feng1 liang3 xiu4
honest and upright (idiom)

攘袖 攘袖 rang3 xiu4
to roll up the sleeves

甩袖子 甩袖子 shuai3 xiu4 zi5
to swing one's sleeve (in anger)

水袖 水袖 shui3 xiu4
flowing sleeves (part of theatrical costume)

套袖 套袖 tao4 xiu4
sleeve cover

袖标 袖標 xiu4 biao1
armband; sleeve badge

袖箍 袖箍 xiu4 gu1

袖管 袖管 xiu4 guan3

袖箭 袖箭 xiu4 jian4
spring-loaded arrow concealed in one's sleeve

袖口 袖口 xiu4 kou3

袖扣 袖扣 xiu4 kou4
cuff link

袖手旁观 袖手旁觀 xiu4 shou3 pang2 guan1
to watch with folded arms (idiom); to look on without lifting a finger

袖套 袖套 xiu4 tao4
sleeve cover; outer sleeve

袖筒 袖筒 xiu4 tong3

袖筒儿 袖筒兒 xiu4 tong3 er5
erhua variant of 袖筒

袖章 袖章 xiu4 zhang1
armband (e.g. as part of uniform or to show status)

袖珍 袖珍 xiu4 zhen1
pocket-sized; pocket (book etc)

袖珍本 袖珍本 xiu4 zhen1 ben3
pocket book; paperback

袖珍辞典 袖珍辭典 xiu4 zhen1 ci2 dian3
pocket dictionary

袖珍人 袖珍人 xiu4 zhen1 ren2
little person; midget; dwarf

袖珍音响 袖珍音響 xiu4 zhen1 yin1 xiang3
pocket stereo; walkman

袖子 袖子 xiu4 zi5

衣袖 衣袖 yi1 xiu4
the sleeve of a garment