to attack; to inherit; classifier for suits (esp. of funeral robes)

strokes 11
strokes after radical 5
奔袭 奔襲 ben1 xi2
long-range raid

剿袭 剿襲 chao1 xi2
variant of 抄襲|抄袭

抄袭 抄襲 chao1 xi2
to plagiarize; to copy; to attack the flank or rear of an enemy

承袭 承襲 cheng2 xi2
to inherit; to follow; to adopt

吹袭 吹襲 chui1 xi2
storm struck; to attack (of wind)

蹈常袭故 蹈常襲故 dao3 chang2 xi2 gu4
follow the same old path (idiom); stuck in a rut; always the same routine

急袭 急襲 ji2 xi2
sudden attack

进袭 進襲 jin4 xi2
raid; to carry out a raid; to invade

空袭 空襲 kong1 xi2
air raid; attack from the air

恐怖袭击 恐怖襲擊 kong3 bu4 xi2 ji1
terrorist attack

来袭 來襲 lai2 xi2
to invade; (of a storm etc) to strike; to hit

逆袭 逆襲 ni4 xi2

奇袭 奇襲 qi2 xi2
surprise attack; raid

侵袭 侵襲 qin1 xi2
to invade; to assail; onslaught

世袭 世襲 shi4 xi2
succession; inheritance; hereditary

世袭君主国 世襲君主國 shi4 xi2 jun1 zhu3 guo2
hereditary monarchy

世袭之争 世襲之爭 shi4 xi2 zhi1 zheng1
succession struggle; dispute over inheritance

踏袭 踏襲 ta4 xi2
to follow blindly

偷袭 偷襲 tou1 xi2
to mount a sneak attack; to raid

突袭 突襲 tu1 xi2
surprise attack

袭击 襲擊 xi2 ji1
attack (esp. surprise attack); raid; to attack

袭击者 襲擊者 xi2 ji1 zhe3

沿袭 沿襲 yan2 xi2
to carry on as before; to follow (an old custom etc)

夜袭 夜襲 ye4 xi2
night attack

因袭 因襲 yin1 xi2
to follow old patterns; to imitate existing models; to continue along the same lines

迂回奔袭 迂回奔襲 yu1 hui2 ben1 xi2
to attack from an unexpected direction

遇袭 遇襲 yu4 xi2
to suffer attack; to be ambushed