bundle wrapped in cloth

strokes 11
strokes after radical 6
包袱 包袱 bao1 fu5
wrapping cloth; a bundle wrapped in cloth; load; weight; burden; funny part; punchline

包袱底儿 包袱底兒 bao1 fu5 di3 er5
family heirloom; most precious family possession; person's secrets; one's best performance

包袱皮儿 包袱皮兒 bao1 fu5 pi2 er5
wrapping cloth

背包袱 背包袱 bei1 bao1 fu2
to have a weight on one's mind; to take on a mental burden

放下包袱 放下包袱 fang4 xia5 bao1 fu5
to lay down a heavy burden

甩包袱 甩包袱 shuai3 bao1 fu5
lit. to fling off a bundle; fig. to abandon one's responsibility for sth; to wash one's hands of the matter

思想包袱 思想包袱 si1 xiang3 bao1 fu5
sth weighing on one's mind