to cut out (as a dress); to cut; to trim; to reduce; to diminish; to cut back (e.g. on staff); decision; judgment

strokes 12
strokes after radical 6
别出心裁 別出心裁 bie2 chu1 xin1 cai2
to hit on sth new (idiom); to display originality; to adopt an original approach

裁兵 裁兵 cai2 bing1
to reduce troop numbers; disarmament

裁并 裁並 cai2 bing4
cut down and merge

裁撤 裁撤 cai2 che4
to dissolve an organisation

裁处 裁處 cai2 chu3
to handle

裁答 裁答 cai2 da2
to reply (to a letter)

裁定 裁定 cai2 ding4

裁度 裁度 cai2 du4
to weigh up then decide

裁断 裁斷 cai2 duan4
to consider and decide

裁夺 裁奪 cai2 duo2
to consider and decide

裁缝 裁縫 cai2 feng2
tailor; dressmaker

裁缝店 裁縫店 cai2 feng2 dian4
tailor's shop

裁缝师 裁縫師 cai2 feng4 shi1

裁革 裁革 cai2 ge2
to dismiss; to lay off

裁剪 裁剪 cai2 jian3
to cut out

裁减 裁減 cai2 jian3
to reduce; to lessen; to cut down

裁减军备 裁減軍備 cai2 jian3 jun1 bei4
arms reduction

裁决 裁決 cai2 jue2
ruling; adjudication

裁军 裁軍 cai2 jun1

裁判 裁判 cai2 pan4
judgment; to referee; umpire; judge; referee

裁判官 裁判官 cai2 pan4 guan1

裁判所 裁判所 cai2 pan4 suo3
place of judgment; law court

裁判员 裁判員 cai2 pan4 yuan2

裁切 裁切 cai2 qie1
to crop; to trim

裁汰 裁汰 cai2 tai4
to cut back

裁员 裁員 cai2 yuan2
to cut staff; to lay off employees

裁纸机 裁紙機 cai2 zhi3 ji1
trimmer; paper cutter

裁制 裁製 cai2 zhi4
to tailor; to make clothes

独裁 獨裁 du2 cai2

独裁者 獨裁者 du2 cai2 zhe3
dictator; autocrat

独出心裁 獨出心裁 du2 chu1 xin1 cai2
to display originality (idiom); to do things differently

段玉裁 段玉裁 duan4 yu4 cai2
Duan Yucai (1735-1815), author of Commentary on Shuowen Jiezi (1815) 說文解字註|说文解字注

法律制裁 法律制裁 fa3 lv4 zhi4 cai2
legal sanction; prescribed punishment; punishable by law

法院裁决 法院裁決 fa3 yuan4 cai2 jue2
court ruling

副总裁 副總裁 fu4 zong3 cai2
vice-chairman (of an organization); vice president (of a company); deputy governor (of a bank)

核裁军 核裁軍 he2 cai2 jun1
nuclear disarmament

剪裁 剪裁 jian3 cai2
to tailor (clothes); to trim (expenditure)

经济制裁 經濟制裁 jing1 ji4 zhi4 cai2
economic sanctions

看菜吃饭,量体裁衣 看菜吃飯,量體裁衣 kan1 cai4 chi1 fan4 - liang2 ti3 cai2 yi1
eat depending on the dish, cut cloth according to the body (idiom); to fit the appetite to the dishes and the dress to the figure; to act according to actual circumstances; to live within one's means

量体裁衣 量體裁衣 liang2 ti3 cai2 yi1
lit. measure the body then tailor the suit (idiom); fig. to act according to actual circumstances; To live within one's means.

女装裁缝师 女裝裁縫師 nv3 zhuang1 cai2 feng5 shi1

体裁 體裁 ti3 cai2
genre; style; form of writing

相体裁衣 相體裁衣 xiang4 ti3 cai2 yi1
lit. tailor the clothes to fit the body (idiom); fig. act according to real circumstances

制裁 制裁 zhi4 cai2
to punish; punishment; sanctions (incl. economic)

仲裁 仲裁 zhong4 cai2

酌裁 酌裁 zhuo2 cai2
to consider and decide

总裁 總裁 zong3 cai2
chairman; director-general (of a company etc)