descendants; frontier

strokes 13
strokes after radical 7
边裔 邊裔 bian1 yi4
remote area; distant marches

非裔 非裔 fei1 yi4
of African descent

后裔 後裔 hou4 yi4

华裔 華裔 hua2 yi4
ethnic Chinese; non-Chinese citizen of Chinese ancestry

苗裔 苗裔 miao2 yi4
offspring; descendant; progeny

日裔 日裔 ri4 yi4
of Japanese descent

亚裔 亞裔 ya4 yi4
of Asian descent

裔胄 裔胄 yi4 zhou4
descendants; offspring

支与流裔 支與流裔 zhi1 yu3 liu2 yi4
lit. branches and descendants; of a similar kind; related

胄裔 胄裔 zhou4 yi4
distant progeny

胄裔繁衍 胄裔繁衍 zhou4 yi4 fan2 yan3
Descendants are great in numbers. (idiom)

族裔 族裔 zu2 yi4
ethnic group