to bind; to wrap; a bundle; a parcel

strokes 14
strokes after radical 8
包裹 包裹 bao1 guo3
to wrap up; to bind up; bundle; parcel; package

杜口裹足 杜口裹足 du4 kou3 guo3 zu2
too frightened to move or speak

封裹 封裹 feng1 guo3
to wrap up; to pack up

敷裹 敷裹 fu1 guo3
medical dressing

裹包 裹包 guo3 bao1
to wrap up; parcel

裹脚 裹腳 guo3 jiao3
foot-binding; long strip of cloth used for foot-binding

裹尸布 裹屍布 guo3 shi1 bu4
shroud; cloth to wrap a corpse

裹挟 裹挾 guo3 xie2
to sweep along; to coerce

裹胁 裹脅 guo3 xie2
to compel; to coerce

裹足不前 裹足不前 guo3 zu2 bu4 qian2
to stand still without advancing (idiom); to hesitate and hold back

紧裹 緊裹 jin3 guo3
to wrap tightly; to wind tightly; to bind; close-fitting (clothes)

卷裹 卷裹 juan3 guo3
to wrap up; (fig.) to envelop; to swallow up

联合包裹服务公司 聯合包裹服務公司 lian2 he2 bao1 guo3 fu2 wu4 gong1 si1
United Parcel Service (UPS)

马革裹尸 馬革裹屍 ma3 ge2 guo3 shi1
to be buried in a horse hide (idiom); to give one's life on the battlefield

装裹 裝裹 zhuang1 guo5
to dress a corpse; shroud