lapel; overlap of Chinese gown; fig. bosom (the seat of emotions); to cherish (ambition, desires, honorable intentions etc) in one's bosom

strokes 18
strokes after radical 13
对襟 對襟 dui4 jin1
buttoned Chinese jacket

扼襟控咽 扼襟控咽 e4 jin1 kong4 yan1
to secure a stranglehold (idiom); fig. to hold a strategic pass

襟抱 襟抱 jin1 bao4
ambition; an aspiration

襟弟 襟弟 jin1 di4
husband of wife's younger sister

襟度 襟度 jin1 du4
broad-minded; magnanimous

襟副翼 襟副翼 jin1 fu4 yi4
flaperon (aeronautics)

襟怀 襟懷 jin1 huai2
bosom (the seat of emotions); one's mind

襟怀坦白 襟懷坦白 jin1 huai2 tan3 bai2
open and candid (idiom); not hiding anything; ingenuous; open hearted; unselfish; magnanimous; broad-minded

襟怀夷旷 襟懷夷曠 jin1 huai2 yi2 kuang4

襟素 襟素 jin1 su4
one's true heart

襟兄 襟兄 jin1 xiong1
husband of wife's older sister

襟翼 襟翼 jin1 yi4
(aircraft) wing flap

开襟 開襟 kai1 jin1
buttoned Chinese tunic; unbuttoned (to cool down)

连襟 連襟 lian2 jin1
husbands of sisters; brothers-in-law; extremely close (of a relationship)

胸襟 胸襟 xiong1 jin1
lapel of jacket; heart; aspiration; vision

衣襟 衣襟 yi1 jin1
the front piece(s) of a Chinese jacket; lapel

正襟危坐 正襟危坐 zheng4 jin1 wei1 zuo4
to sit upright and still (idiom)

捉襟见肘 捉襟見肘 zhuo1 jin1 jian4 zhou3
lit. pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows (idiom); strapped for cash; unable to make ends meet