(of garments) against the skin; to line; lining; to contrast with; to assist financially

strokes 21
strokes after radical 16
帮衬 幫襯 bang1 chen4
to help; to assist financially

衬垫 襯墊 chen4 dian4

衬裤 襯褲 chen4 ku4

衬里 襯裡 chen4 li3

衬裙 襯裙 chen4 qun2

衬衫 襯衫 chen4 shan1
shirt; blouse

衬托 襯托 chen4 tuo1
to set off

衬线 襯線 chen4 xian4
serif (typography)

衬衣 襯衣 chen4 yi1

对衬 對襯 dui4 chen4
to serve as foil to one another

烘衬 烘襯 hong1 chen4
to set off; to highlight by contrast

内衬 內襯 nei4 chen4
lining (of a container etc) (engineering)

女衬衫 女襯衫 nv3 chen4 shan1

陪衬 陪襯 pei2 chen4
to enhance by contrast; to set off; to serve as a background in order to bring out the subject with greater brilliance; to serve as a prop; a foil

铺衬 鋪襯 pu1 chen5
patch of cloth

相衬 相襯 xiang1 chen4
to contrast; to set off one another; to go well with

映衬 映襯 ying4 chen4
to set off by contrast; antithesis; analogy parallelism (linguistics)