to invite; to provoke; to demand or ask for; to send armed forces to suppress; to denounce or condemn; to marry (a woman); to discuss or study

strokes 10
strokes after radical 3
吃力不讨好 吃力不討好 chi1 li4 bu4 tao3 hao3
arduous and thankless task (idiom); strenuous and unrewarding

催讨 催討 cui1 tao3
to demand repayment of debt

东讨西征 東討西征 dong1 tao3 xi1 zheng1
war on all sides (idiom); fighting from all four quarters

东征西讨 東征西討 dong1 zheng1 xi1 tao3
war on all sides (idiom); fighting from all four quarters

费力不讨好 費力不討好 fei4 li4 bu4 tao3 hao3
arduous and thankless task (idiom); strenuous and unrewarding

奉承讨好 奉承討好 feng4 cheng5 tao3 hao3
to curry favor; to get the desired outcome by flattery

公开讨论会 公開討論會 gong1 kai1 tao3 lun4 hui4
open forum

检讨 檢討 jian3 tao3
to examine or inspect; self-criticism; review

南征北讨 南征北討 nan2 zheng1 bei3 tao3
war on all sides (idiom); fighting from all four quarters

拼命讨好 拼命討好 pin1 ming4 tao3 hao3
to throw oneself at sb or sth; to bend over backwards to help

乞讨 乞討 qi3 tao3
to beg; to go begging

商讨 商討 shang1 tao3
to discuss; to deliberate

申讨 申討 shen1 tao3
to denounce

声讨 聲討 sheng1 tao3
to denounce; to condemn

索讨 索討 suo3 tao3
to demand; to claim

探讨 探討 tan4 tao3
to investigate; to probe

讨保 討保 tao3 bao3
to ask for bail money

讨吃 討吃 tao3 chi1
to beg for food

讨底 討底 tao3 di3
to enquire; to demand details

讨底儿 討底兒 tao3 di3 er5
erhua variant of 討底|讨底

讨伐 討伐 tao3 fa2
to suppress by armed force; to send a punitive expedition against; to crusade against

讨饭 討飯 tao3 fan4
to ask for food; to beg

讨海 討海 tao3 hai3
to make one's living from the sea

讨好 討好 tao3 hao3
to get the desired outcome; to win favor by fawning on sb; to curry favor with; a fruitful outcome to reward one's labor

讨好卖乖 討好賣乖 tao3 hao3 mai4 guai1
to curry favor by showing obeisance (idiom)

讨还 討還 tao3 huan2
to ask for sth back; to recover

讨价还价 討價還價 tao3 jia4 huan2 jia4
to haggle over price

讨教 討教 tao3 jiao4
to consult; to ask for advice

讨究 討究 tao3 jiu1
to investigate

讨论 討論 tao3 lun4
to discuss; to talk over

讨论班 討論班 tao3 lun4 ban1
seminar; workshop

讨论会 討論會 tao3 lun4 hui4
symposium; discussion forum

讨论区 討論區 tao3 lun4 qu1
forum (esp. online); discussion area; feedback

讨米 討米 tao3 mi3
to beg for food

讨便宜 討便宜 tao3 pian2 yi5
to look for a bargain; to seek advantage; to try to gain at expense of others

讨平 討平 tao3 ping2
to put down (an uprising); to pacify

讨乞 討乞 tao3 qi3
to go begging; to ask for alms

讨巧 討巧 tao3 qiao3
to act cleverly to get what one desires; to get the best at least expense

讨俏 討俏 tao3 qiao4
deliberately provocative; saucy

讨取 討取 tao3 qu3
to ask for; to demand

讨饶 討饒 tao3 rao2
to beg for mercy; to ask for forgiveness

讨扰 討擾 tao3 rao3
I beg to disturb you; I trespass on your hospitality; Thank you for your hospitality!

讨人 討人 tao3 ren2
(old) girl trafficked into a brothel to work as prostitute

讨人喜欢 討人喜歡 tao3 ren2 xi3 huan5
to attract people's affection; charming; delightful

讨人嫌 討人嫌 tao3 ren2 xian2
unpleasant; disagreeable

讨人厌 討人厭 tao3 ren2 yan4

讨生活 討生活 tao3 sheng1 huo2
to eke out a living; to live from hand to mouth; to drift aimlessly

讨嫌 討嫌 tao3 xian2
disagreeable; hateful; a pain in the neck

讨小 討小 tao3 xiao3
(coll.) to take a concubine

讨厌 討厭 tao3 yan4
to dislike; to loathe; disagreeable; troublesome; annoying

讨厌鬼 討厭鬼 tao3 yan4 gui3
disgusting person; slob

讨债 討債 tao3 zhai4
to demand repayment

讨账 討賬 tao3 zhang4
to demand payment; to collect overdue payment

研讨 研討 yan2 tao3

研讨会 研討會 yan2 tao3 hui4
discussion forum; seminar

征讨 征討 zheng1 tao3
to go on a punitive expedition

诛暴讨逆 誅暴討逆 zhu1 bao4 tao3 ni4
to wipe out the villains (e.g. insurgents, or people of another race)

自讨苦吃 自討苦吃 zi4 tao3 ku3 chi1
to ask for trouble (idiom); to make a rod for one's own back

自讨没趣 自討沒趣 zi4 tao3 mei2 qu4
to invite a snub; to court a rebuff