to trust; to entrust; to be entrusted with; to act as trustee

variant of 託|托

strokes 10
strokes after radical 3
阿里斯托芳 阿里斯託芳 a1 li3 si1 tuo1 fang1
Aristophanes (c. 448-380 BC), Greek comic playwright

拜托 拜託 bai4 tuo1
to request sb to do sth; please!

存托凭证 存託憑證 cun2 tuo1 ping2 zheng4
depository share; depository receipt (DR)

寄托 寄託 ji4 tuo1
to entrust (to sb); to place (one's hope, energy etc) in; a thing in which you invest (your hope, energy etc)

假托 假託 jia3 tuo1
to make sth up; also written 假托

康托尔 康託爾 kang1 tuo1 er3
Cantor (name); Georg Cantor (1845-1918), German mathematician, founder of set theory 集合論|集合论

马托格罗索 馬託格羅索 ma3 tuo1 ge2 luo2 suo3
Mato Grosso, western province of Brazil

美国存托凭证 美國存託憑證 mei3 guo2 cun2 tuo1 ping2 zheng4
American depository receipt (ADR)

全托 全託 quan2 tuo1
full-time care (of children in a boarding nursery)

受托 受託 shou4 tuo1
to be entrusted; to be commissioned

受托人 受託人 shou4 tuo1 ren2
(law) trustee

受托者 受託者 shou4 tuo1 zhe3

托词 託詞 tuo1 ci2
to make an excuse; pretext; excuse

托辞 託辭 tuo1 ci2
see 託詞|托词

托拉博拉 託拉博拉 tuo1 la1 bo2 la1
Torabora mountain area in east Afghanistan, famous for its caves

托洛茨基 託洛茨基 tuo1 luo4 ci2 ji1
Leon Davidovich Trotsky (1879-1940), early Bolshevik leader, exiled by Stalin in 1929 and murdered in 1940

委托 委託 wei3 tuo1
to entrust; to trust; to commission

委托书 委託書 wei3 tuo1 shu1
commission; proxy; power of attorney; authorization; warrant

信托 信託 xin4 tuo1
to entrust; trust bond (finance)

央托 央託 yang1 tuo1
to request assistance; to ask sb to do sth

依托 依託 yi1 tuo1
to rely on; to depend on

倚讬 倚託 yi3 tuo1
variant of 倚托

预托证券 預託證券 yu4 tuo1 zheng4 quan4
depository receipt (DR, in share dealing)

嘱托 囑託 zhu3 tuo1
to entrust a task to sb else