to go (to visit a superior); one's current attainment in learning or art

strokes 13
strokes after radical 6
躬诣 躬詣 gong1 yi4
to call (at sb's home) personally

绝诣 絕詣 jue2 yi4
profoundly well-versed

苦心孤诣 苦心孤詣 ku3 xin1 gu1 yi4
to make painstaking efforts (idiom); after much trouble; to work hard at sth

诣门 詣門 yi4 men2
to visit sb

诣阙 詣闕 yi4 que1
to go to the palace to see the emperor

诣谒 詣謁 yi4 ye4
to pay a visit to

渊诣 淵詣 yuan1 yi4
deep and profound meaning

造诣 造詣 zao4 yi4
academic or artistic attainments; to visit with sb; to call on sb