should; ought to; probably; must be; to deserve; to owe; to be sb's turn to do sth; that; the above-mentioned

strokes 13
strokes after radical 6
不该 不該 bu4 gai1
should not; to owe nothing

该博 該博 gai1 bo2
erudite; broad and profound; learned

该当 該當 gai1 dang1
should; to deserve

该死 該死 gai1 si3
Damn it!; damned; wretched

该亚 該亞 gai1 ya4
Gaea, the Earth Goddess and mother of the Titans

该隐 該隱 gai1 yin3
Cain (name); Cain (biblical character), a figure of Judeo-Christian-Muslim mythology

该应 該應 gai1 ying1

哈该书 哈該書 ha1 gai1 shu1
Book of Haggai

合该 合該 he2 gai1
ought to; should

活该 活該 huo2 gai1
(coll.) serve sb right; deservedly; ought; should

米该亚 米該亞 mi3 gai1 ya4

撒都该人 撒都該人 sa1 du1 gai1 ren2

亚该亚 亞該亞 ya4 gai1 ya4

应该 應該 ying1 gai1
ought to; should; must

应该的 應該的 ying1 gai1 de5
you're most welcome; sure thing!; I did what I was supposed to do