to recognize; to know; to admit

strokes 14
strokes after radical 7
拜认 拜認 bai4 ren4
to formally accept sb as (one's adoptive mother, one's master etc)

辨认 辨認 bian4 ren4
to recognize; to identify

辩认 辯認 bian4 ren4
to distinguish; to examine and recognize

不承认主义 不承認主義 bu4 cheng2 ren4 zhu3 yi4
policy of non-recognition

超额认 超額認 chao1 e2 ren4
(a share issue is) oversubscribed

超额认购 超額認購 chao1 e2 ren4 gou4
(a share issue is) oversubscribed

承认 承認 cheng2 ren4
to admit; to concede; to recognize; recognition (diplomatic, artistic etc); to acknowledge

承认控罪 承認控罪 cheng2 ren4 kong4 zui4
guilty plea (law)

抽认卡 抽認卡 chou1 ren4 ka3

道德认识 道德認識 dao4 de2 ren4 shi5
moral cognition; ethical awareness

低头认罪 低頭認罪 di1 tou2 ren4 zui4
to bow one's head in acknowledgment of guilt; to admit one's guilt

翻脸不认人 翻臉不認人 fan1 lian3 bu4 ren4 ren2
to fall out with sb and become hostile

否认 否認 fou3 ren4
to declare to be untrue; to deny

感性认识 感性認識 gan3 xing4 ren4 shi5
perceptual awareness

公认 公認 gong1 ren4
publicly known (to be); accepted (as)

供认 供認 gong4 ren4
to confess; confession

供认不讳 供認不諱 gong4 ren4 bu4 hui4
to make a full confession; to plead guilty

国际公认 國際公認 guo2 ji4 gong1 ren4
internationally recognized

后设认知 後設認知 hou4 she4 ren4 zhi1
metacognition (Tw)

理性认识 理性認識 li3 xing4 ren4 shi5
cognition; rational knowledge

六亲不认 六親不認 liu4 qin1 bu4 ren4
not recognizing one's family (idiom); self-centered and not making any allowances for the needs of one's relatives

默认 默認 mo4 ren4
to agree tacitly; tacit approval; default (setting)

确认 確認 que4 ren4
to confirm; to verify; confirmation

认出 認出 ren4 chu1
recognition; to recognize

认床 認床 ren4 chuang2
to have difficulties sleeping in a bed other than one's own

认错 認錯 ren4 cuo4
to admit an error; to acknowledge one's mistake

认得 認得 ren4 de5
to recognize; to remember sth (or sb) on seeing it; to know

认定 認定 ren4 ding4
to maintain (that sth is true); to determine (a fact); determination (of an amount); of the firm opinion; to believe firmly; to set one's mind on; to identify with

认罚 認罰 ren4 fa2
to accept punishment

认购 認購 ren4 gou4
to undertake to purchase sth; to subscribe (to share issue)

认脚 認腳 ren4 jiao3
to know your right shoe from your left (colloquial); to know which of two you want

认缴资本 認繳資本 ren4 jiao3 zi1 ben3
subscribed capital (finance)

认可 認可 ren4 ke3
to approve; approval; acknowledgment; OK

认领 認領 ren4 ling3
to claim (as one's property); to adopt (a child); to accept (an illegitimate child as one's own)

认明 認明 ren4 ming2
to identify; to authenticate

认命 認命 ren4 ming4
to accept misfortunes as decreed by fate; to be resigned to sth

认赔 認賠 ren4 pei2
to agree to pay compensation; to accept liability

认亲 認親 ren4 qin1
to visit new in-laws after a marriage

认清 認清 ren4 qing1
to see clearly; to recognize; to realize

认人 認人 ren4 ren2
to recognize people (of babies); to be able to tell people apart

认人儿 認人兒 ren4 ren2 er5
erhua variant of 認人|认人

认生 認生 ren4 sheng1
shy with strangers

认识 認識 ren4 shi5
to know; to recognize; to be familiar with; to get acquainted with sb; knowledge; understanding; awareness; cognition

认识不能 認識不能 ren4 shi5 bu4 neng2

认识论 認識論 ren4 shi5 lun4
epistemology (in philosophy, the theory of how we know things)

认输 認輸 ren4 shu1
to concede; to admit defeat

认死扣儿 認死扣兒 ren4 si3 kou4 er5

认死理 認死理 ren4 si3 li3
obstinate; opinionated

认死理儿 認死理兒 ren4 si3 li3 er5
erhua variant of 認死理|认死理

认同 認同 ren4 tong2
to approve of; to endorse; to acknowledge; to recognize; to identify oneself with

认头 認頭 ren4 tou2
to accept defeat; to recognize losing

认为 認為 ren4 wei2
to believe; to think; to consider; to feel

认养 認養 ren4 yang3
to sponsor; to adopt (pledge to give sb or sth one's special attention or support); to adopt (choose to raise a child or animal as one's own)

认栽 認栽 ren4 zai1
to admit defeat

认贼作父 認賊作父 ren4 zei2 zuo4 fu4
lit. to acknowledge the bandit as one's father (idiom); fig. a complete betrayal; to sell oneself to the enemy

认账 認賬 ren4 zhang4
to own up to a fault; to admit the truth; to acknowledge a debt

认真 認真 ren4 zhen1
conscientious; earnest; serious; to take seriously; to take to heart

认证 認證 ren4 zheng4
to authenticate; to approve

认知 認知 ren4 zhi1
cognition; cognitive; understanding; perception; awareness; to be cognizant of; to recognize; to realize

认知神经心理学 認知神經心理學 ren4 zhi1 shen2 jing1 xin1 li3 xue2
cognitive neuropsychology

认知失调 認知失調 ren4 zhi1 shi1 tiao2
cognitive dissonance

认知心理学 認知心理學 ren4 zhi1 xin1 li3 xue2
cognitive psychology

认准 認準 ren4 zhun3
to identify clearly; to make sure of; to believe firmly

认字 認字 ren4 zi4
literate; knowing how to read

认罪 認罪 ren4 zui4
to admit guilt; to plead guilty

认罪协商 認罪協商 ren4 zui4 xie2 shang1
plea bargain

认作 認作 ren4 zuo4
to regard as; to view; to consider sth as; to treat as

失物认领 失物認領 shi1 wu4 ren4 ling3
lost and found

矢口否认 矢口否認 shi3 kou3 fou3 ren4
to deny flatly

体认 體認 ti3 ren4
to realize; realization

相认 相認 xiang1 ren4
to know each other; to recognize; to identify; to acknowledge (an old relationship)

性别认同障碍 性別認同障礙 xing4 bie2 ren4 tong2 zhang4 ai4
gender identity disorder (GID); gender dysphoria

宣认 宣認 xuan1 ren4
public declaration

优先认股权 優先認股權 you1 xian1 ren4 gu3 quan2
preemptive right (in share issue)

元认知 元認知 yuan2 ren4 zhi1

招认 招認 zhao1 ren4
to confess

指认 指認 zhi3 ren4
to identify

追认 追認 zhui1 ren4
to recognize sth after the event; posthumous recognition; to ratify; to endorse retroactively

自认 自認 zi4 ren4
to believe (sth in relation to oneself); to regard oneself as; to acknowledge (sth in relation to oneself); to resign oneself to