to accuse falsely

strokes 14
strokes after radical 7
辩诬 辯誣 bian4 wu1
to debate; to refute

反诬 反誣 fan3 wu1
to make a false countercharge

攀诬 攀誣 pan1 wu1
to frame; to accuse unjustly

攀诬陷害 攀誣陷害 pan1 wu1 xian4 hai4
unjust accusation; miscarriage of justice

诬告 誣告 wu1 gao4
to frame sb; to accuse falsely

诬害 誣害 wu1 hai4
to damage by calumny

诬赖 誣賴 wu1 lai4
to accuse falsely

诬蔑 誣蔑 wu1 mie4
variant of 誣衊|诬蔑

诬蔑 誣衊 wu1 mie4
to slander; to smear; to vilify

诬陷 誣陷 wu1 xian4
to entrap; to frame; to plant false evidence against sb

冤诬 冤誣 yuan1 wu1
unjust charge; frame-up