to admonish; to warn sb of their errors; to criticize frankly; Taiwan pr.

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
谏诤 諫諍 jian4 zheng4
see 諍諫|诤谏

诤臣 諍臣 zheng4 chen2
official who dares speak frankly before the emperor

诤谏 諍諫 zheng4 jian4
to criticize frankly; to admonish

诤人 諍人 zheng4 ren2
dwarf in legends

诤讼 諍訟 zheng4 song4
to contest a lawsuit

诤言 諍言 zheng4 yan2
to reprove; forthright admonition

诤友 諍友 zheng4 you3
a friend capable of direct admonition