surname Jian

to remonstrate; to admonish

strokes 16
strokes after radical 9
从谏如流 從諫如流 cong2 jian4 ru2 liu2
to follow admonition as natural flow (idiom); to accept criticism or correction (even from one's inferiors)

讽谏 諷諫 feng3 jian4
(literary) to remonstrate with one's superior tactfully

规谏 規諫 gui1 jian4
to remonstrate; to warn earnestly (esp. classical written Chinese); to exhort

几谏 幾諫 ji1 jian4
to admonish tactfully

谏言 諫言 jian4 yan2
advice; to advise

谏征 諫征 jian4 zheng1
to send or go on a punitive expedition

谏正 諫正 jian4 zheng4
see 諍諫|诤谏

谏诤 諫諍 jian4 zheng4
see 諍諫|诤谏

苦谏 苦諫 ku3 jian4
to admonish strenuously

泣谏 泣諫 qi4 jian4
to counsel a superior in tears indicating absolute sincerity

劝谏 勸諫 quan4 jian4
to admonish

诤谏 諍諫 zheng4 jian4
to criticize frankly; to admonish

直谏 直諫 zhi2 jian4
to admonish sb frankly; direct criticism