order (from above)

strokes 16
strokes after radical 9
风谕 風諭 feng1 yu4
see 諷喻|讽喻

讽谕 諷諭 feng3 yu4
variant of 諷喻|讽喻

福泽谕吉 福澤諭吉 fu2 ze2 yu4 ji2
Fukuzawa Yukichi (1835-1901), prominent Japanese Westernizer, liberal educator and founder of Keio University

告谕 告諭 gao4 yu4
(literary) to inform (the public); to give clear instructions; public announcement (from higher authorities)

面谕 面諭 mian4 yu4
to instruct sb personally

上谕 上諭 shang4 yu4
imperial edict; see also 聖諭|圣谕

神谕 神諭 shen2 yu4

圣谕 聖諭 sheng4 yu4
imperial edict; see also 上諭|上谕

晓谕 曉諭 xiao3 yu4
variant of 曉喻|晓喻

谕示 諭示 yu4 shi4
to issue a directive; to instruct (that sth be done)

谕旨 諭旨 yu4 zhi3
imperial edict

诏谕 詔諭 zhao4 yu4
imperial decree