to avoid mentioning; taboo word; name of deceased emperor or superior

strokes 16
strokes after radical 9
避讳 避諱 bi4 hui4
to avoid a taboo word or topic

避讳 避諱 bi4 hui5
to avoid a taboo word or topic; to refrain from; to avoid

不讳 不諱 bu4 hui4
without concealing anything; to pass away; to die

供认不讳 供認不諱 gong4 ren4 bu4 hui4
to make a full confession; to plead guilty

讳称 諱稱 hui4 cheng1
euphemism; word used to avoid a taboo reference

讳疾忌医 諱疾忌醫 hui4 ji2 ji4 yi1
hiding a sickness for fear of treatment (idiom); fig. concealing a fault to avoid criticism; to keep one's shortcomings secret; to refuse to listen to advice

讳名 諱名 hui4 ming2
taboo name; name of deceased

讳莫如深 諱莫如深 hui4 mo4 ru2 shen1
important matter that must be kept secret (idiom); don't breathe a word of it to anyone!

忌讳 忌諱 ji4 hui4
taboo; to avoid as taboo; to abstain from

名讳 名諱 ming2 hui4
taboo name (e.g. of emperor)

隐讳 隱諱 yin3 hui4
to hold back from saying precisely what is on one's mind

隐讳号 隱諱號 yin3 hui4 hao4
cross symbol (×), used to replace a character one does not wish to display

直言不讳 直言不諱 zhi2 yan2 bu4 hui4
to speak bluntly (idiom); not to mince words

直言无讳 直言無諱 zhi2 yan2 wu2 hui4
to speak one's mind; to speak candidly (idiom)