cautious; careful; solemnly; sincerely (formal)

strokes 18
strokes after radical 11
谨订 謹訂 jin3 ding4
would like to invite (epistolary style)

谨防 謹防 jin3 fang2
to guard against; to beware of

谨记 謹記 jin3 ji4
to remember with reverence; to bear in mind; to keep in mind

谨启 謹啟 jin3 qi3
respectfully yours (in letters)

谨上 謹上 jin3 shang4
respectfully yours (in closing a letter)

谨慎 謹慎 jin3 shen4
cautious; prudent

谨守 謹守 jin3 shou3
to adhere strictly (to the rules)

谨严 謹嚴 jin3 yan2
meticulous; rigorous

拘谨 拘謹 ju1 jin3
reserved; overcautious

勤谨 勤謹 qin2 jin3
diligent and painstaking

小心谨慎 小心謹慎 xiao3 xin1 jin3 shen4
cautious and timid (idiom); prudent; careful

严谨 嚴謹 yan2 jin3
rigorous; strict; careful; cautious; compact; well-knit